Posted By: Reji Kumar Pillai , Hem Thukral
On: December 23, 2015
Although the Smart Metering or Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is being rolled out by electric utilities worldwide, the last mile connectivity continues to haunt the efficiency as well as the rollout programs in many countries. The widely adopted communication architectures deployed in AMI projects involve RF/PLC/BPL for last mile connection  more...
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Posted By: Brian Crow - Vice President of Data Analytics, Sensus
On: July 16, 2015
The public service industry is on the verge of profound changes that stand to impact lives and resources for generations to come. The changes made by cities and utilities will affect the future in big ways. Consider the average streetlight. Today, it typically brightens a dark parking lot or roadway.  more...
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Posted By: Suzanne Jones - Vice President, Association of Energy Services Professionals
On: June 10, 2015
Recently, at the spring conference of the Association of Energy Services Professionals in Portland, OR, representatives from National Grid, along with partners CEIVA Energy and Itron, presented some early findings of the Smart Energy Solutions program, which is available to up to 15,000 residents in Worcester, MA. National Grid formally  more...
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Posted By: Alicia Powers - Data Scientist, Fino Consulting
On: May 6, 2015
Collaborative filtering, a data science technique new to energy marketing, is an innovative substitute for traditional market segmentation, which relies on the collection and analysis of demographic customer data. Collaborative filtering, or CF, is “the method and process used to match data of one user with data for similar users,  more...
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Posted By: Eran Eshed - Co-Founder & VP Marketing, Altair Semiconductor
On: January 8, 2015
Smart meters are coming. However, the question remains, how will utility companies ensure that their investment dollars make sense? The future of smart metering offers substantial financial benefits for both the consumer and utility provider. For the customer, estimated monthly or quarterly bills will be retired in favor of detailed  more...
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Posted By: Tye Limuel - Experienced, Multifaceted Utilities Professional
On: December 18, 2014
In much of California, electric and gas Smart Meters are wireless. Smart Meters can also be wired. The meters collect our energy usage information in very detailed format and transmit that information directly to the utility company every day, throughout the day. Most electric meters use a mesh network system  more...
Posted By: Trilochan Sahoo , Mukul Sarkar
On: November 26, 2014
Introduction: Smart Grid connectivity continues to gain momentum as global utilities embrace the technology and invest in the infrastructure. Bulk of the investment is seen in replacing manual read, AMR meters with Smart Meters, capable of two-way communication. According to a new report from Navigant Research 1 , worldwide shipments  more...
Posted By: Joyce Tam - Product Marketing Strategist, Trimble Field Service Management
On: November 25, 2014
1) 1 in 10 field service managers still collect data via paperwork alone. 2) Nearly 30 percent of managers believe that their organization is ineffective or extremely ineffective at using the data they collect to make decisions 3) 1 in 5 believe they get the information they need from field  more...
Posted By: Joel Gordes - Consultant, Environmental Energy Solutions
On: October 13, 2014
Actions are taking place in several states to repeal or significantly alter what are called the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) and/or net metering. The former mandates certain amounts of renewable energy be part of the electric mix. It was never the intent to provide incentives for mature technologies, like large  more...
Posted By: Rudi Carolsfeld - Executive Vice President of Global Sales & Alliances, Awesense Inc.
On: October 6, 2014
Introduction Utilities face unique security challenges in that they cannot possibly track every possible “leak” in their distribution grids using smart meters alone. With yearly losses estimated to exceed US$200 billion worldwide and growing, utilities are under pressure to reduce risk and improve safety, increase efficiency and improve financial performance.  more...

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