Posted By: Suzanne Jones - Vice President, Association of Energy Services Professionals
On: June 17, 2014
In his keynote address to the spring conference of the Association of Energy Services Professionals here, Roland Risser, of the Building Technologies Office of the U.S. Department of Energy said that buildings should be, and are getting, smarter than ovens. But it will take some time. In his humorous comparison  more...
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Posted By: PJ Davis - Content Manager / Editor / Webinar Producer, Energy Central
On: June 12, 2014
How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. The world of big data is getting bigger. The last few months have produced a number of insightful articles to help slice this topic into bite size pieces. This post brings together some of those articles for easy digesting.  more...
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Posted By: Howard Ng - VP, Techical Sales, Comverge
On: April 17, 2014
Several years ago, many utilities went down the path of attempting to use advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) for demand response (DR). As more pursued this option and implemented pilots that served to "kick the tires," we started to hear from utilities that saw limitations with this approach. Today we receive  more...
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Posted By: Marc Tannenbaum - VP, Big Data Energy Services, Inc.
On: April 1, 2014
In spite of all the potential value ascribed to Smart Meters, retail electric providers have yet to overcome the inertia that has prevented them from deploying detailed energy usage data in everyday business. The Smart Meter challenges and opportunities faced by the retailers have facets not found in the regulated  more...
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Posted By: Salvatore Salamone
On: March 13, 2014
Energy exploration and production is highly dependent on the rapid analysis of increasingly more complex and larger seismic imaging datasets. At the same time, the modeling, reserve management, and analytics algorithms being used on that data are becoming more granular and sophisticated requiring enormous processing power.  The field has always  more...
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Posted By: Kaustubh Bhople - Senior Associate Consultant, Infosys
On: February 24, 2014
PERSPECTIVE Smart Grid, Social Media, Big Data are words which are prevalent in every IT implementation in the utility space. Whenever we ask about the future of any utility the response will have these three words; in addition to those, one more word is included i.e. Real-Time. So let's try  more...
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Posted By: Kevin Monte de Ramos - President / Principal Researcher, KMDR Research
On: February 17, 2014
Electric and gas utilities are facing challenges as their business model evolves from serving ratepayers to engaging consumers. In an era of revenue decoupling, utility shareholder returns are no longer maximized by simply selling energy to the ratepayer. Instead, utilities must adhere to regulatory requirements and politically-expedient mandates for demand-side  more...
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Posted By: David Pope - Advanced Analytics, SAS
On: February 13, 2014
Yes, we have all heard about the 3 V's of big data by now. Or the 4 V's or possibly 5 V's, depending on who you ask. However, I would argue the value of data isn't necessarily tied to the "volume" part of big data (unless of course you are  more...
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Posted By: Mark Lively
On: September 20, 2013
Many residential electricity customers have the ability to generate their own electricity.  The number of customers with self generation systems has grown explosively with the advent of roof top solar cells.  The economics of sizing self generating plants depend greatly on the payment system included in the tariffs of the  more...
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Posted By: Michael John - Solutions Manager, Elster
On: July 30, 2013
Security issues have attracted more attention as smart meter rollouts have progressed. Consumers have expressed concerns about the privacy of their data, which has led to delays in smart metering programs in the US and the Netherlands. As this was not an area of focus before and therefore without specifications,  more...
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