Posted By: Doug Napodano - Vice President of Projects, Day & Zimmermann
On: May 1, 2015
Industrial plant operators seeking improved maintenance results might take a look at the nuclear industry for some transferable best practices.  Maintenance operations at U.S. nuclear power plants are conducted in a highly-regulated, process-oriented environment designed to ensure maximum safety and control in a high-risk environment. While many nuclear maintenance practices  more...
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Posted By: PJ Davis - Content Manager / Editor / Webinar Producer, Energy Central
On: April 7, 2015
The sad events of March 11, 2011 have indelibly marked our hearts and our planet. While the events at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant were unprecedented, for many, nuclear fuel is still felt to be the cleanest, most efficient source of electric power. Four years have now past, and  more...
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Posted By: Ferdinand E. Banks
On: March 13, 2015
Try thinking about and remembering the following. France and Sweden may still have the largest nuclear inventory per voter in the world, and they also once enjoyed the lowest electricity prices in Europe, and perhaps the world. Their nuclear reactors also have an admirable safety record, despite the 'advanced age'  more...
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Posted By: Harry Valentine - Commentator/Energy Researcher, Langson Energy
On: February 3, 2015
In recent years, the power generation industry has included development of competitively priced, efficient small-scale technologies that can be operated and monitored from remote locations, courtesy of modern real time telecommunications technology. There has been development of small steam engines that operate on ultra-critical steam (extreme temperatures at extreme pressures)  more...
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Posted By: Michael Keller - President and CEO, Hybrid Power Technologies
On: November 19, 2014
Seems to me nuclear power is essentially a 1950's vintage technology entering the twilight stage of life. However, 21st century advancements can solve the shortcomings of the earlier atomic age. It is time to move on. Conventional reactors are unable to overcome troubling economic issues and lingering safety concerns because  more...
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Posted By: Mike Varney - Senior Director, Strategic Advisory Services, Bit Stew Systems
On: November 17, 2014
As a former U.S. Navy captain with over 20 years' experience in operating nuclear-powered submarines, Mike Varney draws insightful parallels between commanding a submarine and operating a utility. He offers relevant lessons learned from his time with the Navy, as well as a glimpse into the cutting-edge naval technologies that  more...
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Posted By: Ferdinand E. Banks
On: November 5, 2014
"Wir Spielen mit dem Feuer" (We're playing with fire), is Peter Ramsauer's opinion of Germany's Nuclear Retreat. More will be said about this later, but first some numbers that you might find useful. If predictions based on present trends can be accepted, global energy use will increase by at least  more...
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Posted By: Brad Smalldridge - Vice President of Nuclear Operations, Day & Zimmermann
On: November 4, 2014
According to Navigant Research, O&M costs account for 69 percent of the total power production costs for commercial nuclear plants. So, lost time during outages can mean loss of significant dollars. Maintenance vendors have long been a cost-effective solution to the staffing ramp-up and ramp-down approach that nuclear utilities employ  more...
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Posted By: Ferdinand E. Banks
On: October 2, 2014
This is a version of the keynote address I planned to give at the 2011 international conference of the International Association of Energy Economists (IAEE), and which took place that year in wonderful summer Stockholm. What happened though was that I was not invited to present any kind of address,  more...
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Posted By: Brad Smalldridge - Vice President of Nuclear Operations, Day & Zimmermann
On: July 21, 2014
It's a continuing priority for nuclear plant managers to make outages as efficient and cost-effective as possible. According to the NRC, over the past 15 years the average number of days spent implementing outages for refueling operations and necessary plant maintenance has hit a plateau. Despite this trend, demands on  more...
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