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Bioenergy Australia 2015

Monday Nov 30, 2015 - Wednesday Dec 2, 2015 - Launceston, Tasmania - Australia

Japan Electric Power Summit

Monday Nov 30, 2015 - Wednesday Dec 2, 2015 - Tokyo, Japan - Japan

CWC Sixteenth Annual World LNG Summit and Awards Gala Dinner

Tuesday Dec 1, 2015 - Friday Dec 4, 2015 - Rome Italy

GeoPower and Heat Summit

Tuesday Dec 1, 2015 - Wednesday Dec 2, 2015 - Istanbul Turkey

Residential Demand Charges and Cost Recovery Symposium

Tuesday Dec 1, 2015 - Calgary, AB - Canada

IoT For Utilities

Wednesday Dec 2, 2015 - Thursday Dec 3, 2015 - Houston, TX - United States

Gas as a Marine Fuel

Thursday Dec 3, 2015 - London, England - United Kingdom

Electrical Substation Development Conference

Sunday Dec 6, 2015 - Wednesday Dec 9, 2015 - Dubai United Arab Emirates

Energy From Waste

Monday Dec 7, 2015 - Tuesday Dec 8, 2015 - London United Kingdom


Monday Dec 7, 2015 - Thursday Dec 10, 2015 - Vancouver, British Columbia - Canada

Leadership Conference for Women in Energy

Monday Dec 7, 2015 - Tuesday Dec 8, 2015 - Newpoert Beach, CA - USA

3rd Nigeria Electricity Expo

Tuesday Dec 8, 2015 - Thursday Dec 10, 2015 - FCT Abuja Nigeria

Wind Operator Congress Europe

Tuesday Dec 8, 2015 - Thursday Dec 10, 2015 - London United Kingdom

South Eastern European Power Summit 2015

Wednesday Dec 9, 2015 - Thursday Dec 10, 2015 - Bucharest Romania

Solar + Storage

Monday Dec 14, 2015 - Tuesday Dec 15, 2015 - Denver, CO - USA


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Utility Analytics in 2015: Part 1

Thursday Nov 19, 2015 - Virtual Event

The Utility Analytics Institute, a division of Energy Central, has embarked on a two-part research effort to examine the adoption and use of analytics within the utility industry in 2015. This webcast will highlight the results of the first phase of this research which culminated in the "Utility Analytics in 2015: Part 1" research report. more...

Accelerating Your Smart Grid Benefits

Thursday Nov 12, 2015 - Virtual Event

Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) is complex technology that can provide significant benefits if operated effectively and leveraged fully. Utilities who attempt to simply replace existing processes, or who wait to begin optimization until the deployment phases are complete, miss out on a large portion of their potential return on investment. more...

6 Undeniable Reasons Why Utilities Must Think Digital for Customer Engagement

Tuesday Nov 3, 2015 - Virtual Event

Customer engagement in the utilities industry is undergoing radical change. The ongoing introduction of new digital engagement channels is changing customer preferences at a rapid pace. For utilities that "don't keep up", customer satisfaction is at risk. For those who deliver customer preferences, there is a lot to gain. more...

Taking Control of your Data: Advantages of Cloud Based Security and Data Optimization

Thursday Oct 29, 2015 - Virtual Event

Utilities recognize the need to securely manage data for optimal program effectiveness. Yet managing data internally can be risky and cost prohibitive. more...

Demystifying Customer Satisfaction

Tuesday Oct 27, 2015 - Virtual Event

Customer satisfaction is on the mind of every utility executive because of the documented connection between customer satisfaction, regulatory relationships and operating margin. Yet, customer satisfaction remains elusive for many utilities. more...

Strategizing the Role of BYOD in Your Demand Management Program

Thursday Oct 22, 2015 - Virtual Event

Demand response and energy efficiency programs that utilize a bring your own device (BYOD) approach to include energy devices already in consumers homes benefit utilities, consumers and connected device providers alike. Utilities can expand demand response capacity with lower marketing and installation costs, while also engaging with their customers about energy efficiency. Consumers benefit from comfort, convenience and energy savings with a device that they chose to purchase in addition to the financial incentives of utility program participation. Third-party connected device providers, meanwhile, have the opportunity to offer utilities marketing, services and access to their existing customer's devices for a fee. more...

Building a better data architecture to monetize your data and realize your benefits

Wednesday Oct 21, 2015 - Virtual Event

Bit Stew Presents On-Demand Webinar & Case Study featuring AusNet Services. As utilities roll out smart meter programs, they are quickly becoming overwhelmed with the massive volumes of data generated by the modern grid. more...

Avoiding the 'Frankenstein' Approach to Utility Mobile Workforce Management

Tuesday Oct 20, 2015 - Virtual Event

The demands on the Utility workforce are continually expanding. So too are the demands on the software technology that supports these mission-critical processes. Many utilities deploy workforce management technology one point solution at a time as their needs grow. These disparate, one-off solutions can create a mountain of integration and system update headaches - that not only are a problem for the existing workforce applications, but also for the back-end operational systems they have to interface with. more...

Save Energy, Save Money: Energy Analytics Goes Mobile

Thursday Oct 15, 2015 - Virtual Event

In its quest to continually maintain its high customer service, ensure customer retention and lead the market, Greenchoice Utility, the largest green and renewable sources energy provider in the Netherlands, partnered with ONZO Ltd., to develop a new mobile customer engagement project. more...

Kick Starting Your Big Data Journey with Hadoop

Wednesday Oct 7, 2015 - Virtual Event

The utility industry is undergoing a powerful transformation, and big data is right in the thick of it. As utilities wrestle with challenges of distributed energy resources, renewed emphasis on customer engagement, improving grid reliability, upgrading transmission infrastructure and more, the power sector has looked to big data technologies to help embrace change and harvest new insights locked away in corporate data stores. more...

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Utility Analytics in 2015: Part 1

Thursday Nov 19, 2015
Virtual Event

Electricity for Non-Engineers

Friday Nov 20, 2015 - Wednesday Mar 2, 2016 - 12:00 AM Eastern
Bradenton, FL - USA

Bioenergy Australia 2015

Monday Nov 30, 2015 - Wednesday Dec 2, 2015
Launceston, Tasmania - Australia

AirLink Raven RV50 Product Introduction Webinar

Tuesday Dec 8, 2015 - 11:00 AM Eastern
Your office

Knowledge is Clean Power: What you need to know about the CPP and EE

Thursday Dec 10, 2015 - 12:00 PM Eastern
Virtual Event


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