Posted By: Brigham McCown
On: December 22, 2014
Not a single national infrastructure project under consideration today will do more to advance North American energy independence than Keystone XL. If energy independence is in the national interest, than Keystone XL deserves to be approved. Not only has the Keystone pipeline project become the most scrutinized energy infrastructure project ... more...
Filed under: Fossil & Biomass
Posted By: Stephen Heins
On: December 19, 2014
The world of energy has entered a new phase, while reasserting its place in the world headlines--oil, pipelines, OPEC, fracking, gasoline prices, peak oil, tar sands and natural gas to mention the most overly discussed. In the meantime, another important Wisconsin and American energy story--electricity for the present and future ... more...
Filed under: Environmental, Emissions & Carbon Management
Posted By: Tye Limuel
On: December 18, 2014
In much of California, electric and gas Smart Meters are wireless. Smart Meters can also be wired. The meters collect our energy usage information in very detailed format and transmit that information directly to the utility company every day, throughout the day. Most electric meters use a mesh network system ... more...
Filed under: Metering
Posted By: David Iwinski Jr.
On: December 17, 2014
U.S. energy companies looking for investors or to sell should be looking to China, where investors are waiting with cash in hand to make deals with U.S. businesses. China's "Go Out" policy, first spelled out in its tenth five-year plan (2001-05) is a key national policy that encourages Chinese businesses ... more...
Filed under: International
Posted By: Mukul Sarkar
On: December 16, 2014
Abstract: In post RAPDRP scenario where Indian utilities are raising their concerns on “Aggregate Technical & Commercial loss” figures for different towns, feeders and distribution transformers, this paper reveals the main issues/challenges involved in the methodology of determination of AT&C loss and recommends certain specific improvement points to overcome those ... more...
Filed under: International
Posted By: Terry Jarrett
On: December 15, 2014
  Just like Paul Revere, the experts responsible for managing much of the electric grid in the United States are warning that the EPA’s “too much, too soon” approach to cut carbon emissions by shutting down coal-fired power plants will have disastrous consequences for reliable and affordable electricity. According to ... more...
Filed under: Environmental, Emissions & Carbon Management
Posted By: Mike Craigie
On: December 12, 2014
SYNOPSIS This paper outlines the recommended strategy for the valuation, marketing and disposal of surplus power plant. In addition to assessing the overall extent and varied sources of such available equipment, the paper also looks closely at the various options which a utility can adopt when disposing of such plant, ... more...
Filed under: Risk & Operations
Posted By: Walter M. Sanders, IV
On: December 11, 2014
Untitled Document Between the changing regulatory landscape and the increasing age of U.S. power plants, plant managers and other key decision makers are under intense pressure to control and reduce maintenance costs. Frequently, they look to do this by negotiating a lower fee with their maintenance contractors. While this strategy ... more...
Filed under: Business & Corporate
Posted By: Ferdinand E. Banks
On: December 10, 2014
"Coal is a dead man walking" -Kevin Parker (Deutsche Bank Executive) Well, I don't know about that, Kevin. On a billboard greeting travellers at the airport in Ranchi (India), the capital of the Indian state of Jharkhand, 'Welcome to the Land of Coal' is present in block letters, and in ... more...
Filed under: Fossil & Biomass
Posted By: Eric Leiserson
On: December 9, 2014
Moving customers away from the paper bill and onto electronic bill (e-bill) presentment delivery is a challenge for utility organizations. More and more, customers are receptive to the e-bill in place of the paper bill, but persuading them to make the switch and change their established finance routine is easier ... more...
Filed under: Billing & Customer Care

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