Posted By: Kathleen Wolf Davis
On: August 24, 2016
This month, FERC released a new Common Metrics Report (AD14-15-000) that gives a glimpse inside regional transmission organizations and independent system operators.  Key insights from the report's executive summary include: RTOs and ISOs managed the dispatch of energy from a diverse set of generating fuel-types from 2010-2014. RTOs and ISOs ... more...
Filed under: Grid Operations
Posted By: Todd Brecher
On: August 22, 2016
Co-authors: David Applebaum, George (Chip) Cannon Jr. & John Michael White On July 21, 2016, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC or "Commission") issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NOPR) proposing to (1) collect a wide range of "connected entity" data for market surveillance and enforcement purposes from market-based rate (MBR) sellers and entities trading virtual ... more...
Filed under: Policy, Regulatory & Legal
Posted By: Dick Munson
On: August 19, 2016
As a utility executive, it is the best of times, it is the worst of times. It is the age of innovation, it is the age of stagnant tradition. With a nod to Charles Dickens, it is the epoch of environmental improvement, it is the epoch of continued pollution. Perhaps ... more...
Filed under: Risk & Operations
Posted By: Kathleen Wolf Davis
On: August 17, 2016
Distributed generation (DG) is on the verge of disrupting the power sector, bringing power generation, notably from renewable sources, and integration at or near the location of use, according to Lux Research. The traditional power industry is underpinned by large, distant, fuel-burning plants for generation and marked by transmission over long distances ... more...
Filed under: Distributed & Cogeneration
Posted By: Chester Lee
On: August 15, 2016
Electric utilities in North America are facing mounting pressures: slowing demand for electricity, aging infrastructure, rising customer expectations, changing workforce demographics, increasing availability of “competing” product and service options, rapid innovation in technologies, and evolving regulatory requirements. And while the industry is responding to these challenges with efforts to improve ... more...
Filed under: Grid Operations
Posted By: David Waldner
On: August 12, 2016
Editor-in-chief Kathleen Wolf Davis sent me a few questions on our work with cable rejuvenation. Here's a little bit about the project we're working on in that arena. Davis: Can you tell me about your utility?  How many customers you serve, location, physical environment, etc? We are an electric cooperative ... more...
Filed under: Grid Operations
Posted By: Steve Kerekes
On: August 10, 2016
The nuclear energy industry called on the New York Public Service Commission (PSC) to approve a proposal that would provide financial support for upstate nuclear power plants based on their clean air value. In comments filed with the commission, the Nuclear Energy Institute says there already are signs that the PSC staff’s ... more...
Filed under: Nuclear
Posted By: Wally Wilson
On: August 8, 2016
Co-author: Craig Bleth, Plant Engineering & Environmental Manger, Minnkota Power Cooperative Minnkota Power’s Milton R. Young Station began commercial operation in 1970 with one generating unit, adding a second generating unit in 1977. In 2012, Life Cycle Engineering (LCE), an industry expert in reliability engineering, was asked to conduct a business assessment of ... more...
Filed under: Risk & Operations
Posted By: Bob Fesmire
On: August 5, 2016
Sometimes the ingredients for innovation are right in front of you and the only thing needed to bring it to fruition is a unifying concept. My favorite analogy for this is the iPod, which at the time of its introduction in 2001 was not revolutionary for its underlying technologies. Indeed, ... more...
Filed under: Distributed & Cogeneration
Posted By: David Pope
On: August 3, 2016
Co-author: Gilbert Hernandez I’ve written before about how analytics is the ultimate renewable resource due to the fact that the same “math” can be applied to solve problems or improve processes across all different departments independent of the industry.  Many articles on analytics and utilities currently focus on the benefits of ... more...
Filed under: Information Technology

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