Aging infrastructures, increasing power demand, supply reliability, economic efficiency, tightening regulatory requirements for climate protection – companies operating in today’s changing power utility markets face many challenges and uncertainties.

Recorded Webinar

The Evolution of Power Markets: Evaluating the Impacts of a Low Carbon Future

The US power industry is in the midst of changes on a scale not seen since Thomas Edison commercialized electricity.  This shift, to a cleaner, more distributed, more dynamic market is driven by State-level regulations, climate change awareness, technological innovation, generation economics, and consumer preference.  Accurate electricity demand forecasting is becoming increasingly challenging as it combines the reductions due to energy efficiency on one hand with possible large increases due to Electric Vehicles and Electric Heat Pumps, on the other; as societies move to a low carbon future. What is certain is that generation is migrating from the large central power stations to the distribution system and from conventional generation to unprecedented levels of intermittent renewable generation.

In this webinar, Siemens PTI experts will discuss how the evolution of the market could impact:

  • Electrical demand growth and profile

  • Regional natural gas demand

  • The role of natural gas-fired generation; the transition technology.

  • The role of large utility scale renewable generation and storage

  •  The role and impact of DER, including costumer owned generation.

  • Impact that these changes have on the transmission and distribution system; including congestion and investment needs. and Locational Marginal Prices

  • Market impacts and LMPs

  • T&D system investment requirements

In addition, Siemens PTI experts will describe experiences from recent studies carried out for utilities, investors and stakeholders in general on the topics above.

Nelson Bacalao
Senior Manager
Power System Consulting

Art Holland
Principal Consultant
Energy Business Advisory

Recorded Webinar

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