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Free On-Demand Webcast | Doing More with Less: Improving Operations Efficiency in the Face of Change

With twenty percent of the utilities workforce eligible to retire in the next five years, operations leaders are facing more pressure to increase efficiency -- with fewer workers to get the job done.

Join us for an on-demand webinar, brought to you in partnership with Quintiq, where you’ll learn:

  • What changes in the utility workforce mean for your operations
  • Strategies for maximizing the efficiency of the shrinking utilities workforce
  • How technology can help reduce the problems caused by higher worker turnover
  • The keys to scheduling and planning your workforce from long-term forecasts down to the day of operations


This on-demand webcast is designed for utilities professionals involved in:

  • Executive, General and Operations Management
  • Engineering/Operations/Maintenance
  • Technology/Information Systems
  • Human Resources/Personnel Management
  • Field Service/Workforce Management


* Doug Pollard - Business Unit Director, Workforce - Quintiq
* Pete Nelson - Solutions Architect, Workforce - Quintiq

View this FREE on-demand webinar now.

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