Power Consulting Associates

PCA provides transmission, distribution and substation engineering, environmental engineering, surveying, construction oversight, and safety consulting services to organizations involved with the transmission and distribution of electricity.

Power Consulting Associates (PCA) is a privately-owned and-managed company dedicated to providing engineering and consulting services to the electric utility industry. We provide a complete package of services to assist clients with the successful design, and construction of their electric distribution lines, transmission lines and substation projects.

At PCA, our mission is to provide the expertise and attention to your project, to assure it is completed safely, efficiently, on time, and in compliance with the owner’s specifications. We emphasize innovation and excellence while maintaining the highest ethical standards as exhibited by honesty, integrity, and respect. PCA is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee and holds Professional Engineer Registrations in numerous states in the U.S.

Engineering Design and Testing

PCA’s engineering professionals have performed design work in various locations throughout the United States, as well as in Malaysia, Central America and the Caribbean. The strength of our team members’ knowledge and background allows us to develop optimal designs and specifications for overhead and underground transmission lines, substations, foundations, structures, and conductors. PCA has been involved with EPC (turnkey) project deliveries, design-build, as well as traditional design/bid plans and specifications. Our staff has experience in high voltage and extra high voltage lines for new and upgraded facilities from preliminary to final design that encompass a wide variety of structure types.

Our engineers are also equipped to assist with infrastructure maintenance as well.  We provide consultation for the development of maintenance programs that help prevent outages and maximize service life.  Our electrical engineers can assist with: testing and commissioning, relay protection and controls, equipment upgrades, predictive and preventative maintenance, and energization.

Construction Oversight and Inspection

PCA’s Construction Oversight and Inspection services include all components of substation and transmission line construction. At PCA, we provide pre-bid contract and specification reviews, assistance in bid evaluations, coordination of environmental and construction activities, materials management and inventory control, on-time coordination of deliverables and quality assurance and reporting of phases of construction. Our construction managers, construction inspectors, engineers, and specialty inspectors have proven experience.

Surveying and Drone Inspection

PCA’s staffed with a Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) equipped to perform any survey and drone inspection services.  PCA serves commercial and residential developers with boundary surveys, topographic maps, construction staking, mortgage inspections, flood certifications, etc.  Our crew can assist with every aspect of site development including: ALTA, topographic maps, infrastructure layout, roadway staking, utility inventory, and GIS data collection.  Our PLS is also a licensed remote drone pilot, and performs projects using the latest in drone technology and mapping software to gather data in a more time efficient manner.

Environmental Design and Inspection

Our environmental engineering team and construction inspectors will provide your organization the confidence that your project will be constructed with minimal impacts on our natural resources and in compliance with applicable local, state, and federal regulations. In order to mitigate potential environmental impacts of a proposed projects our team provides erosion control plans, storm water best management practices, storm water pollution prevention plans, SPCC plans, environmental site assessments, and due diligence.

Safety Standards

Power Consulting Associates recognizes that the safety, health, and well-being of our employees is a high priority in our daily operations. Safety is an obligation that should be equally shared by all of us. It is a measure of quality of life rather than just a predictor of schedule, quality or financial success. Our goal is to achieve zero injuries, zero worked related illnesses, and zero fatalities during our day to day operations. To facilitate such activities, we will comply with all government-mandated rules and regulations as they apply to the work activities in our workplace. We invest in safety awareness and training of our employees on a weekly basis. Safety at PCA is a culture and a core value to assure everyone goes home at night.

Power Consulting Associates (PCA) exists to provide services to organizations involved with the transmission and distribution of electricity.  PCA focuses on transmission and distribution engineering, substation services, environmental engineering, surveying, construction oversight, and safety consulting.  Serving TVA distribution utilities, PCA provides wholesale and retail rate analyses.