Clockwork Solutions

Trusted insights for cost-effective fleet and asset management.

Clockwork enables industrial and defense MRO professionals to reduce spare parts and maintenance expenditures while extending the life of, and meeting availability goals for, their mission-critical assets.

Decades of solving complex maintenance planning problems for industry-leading organizations has led to the development of Clockwork’s Lifecycle Analytics Suite of products. Our unique approach to Predictive Maintenence starts with a Predictive Twin of an organization’s asset fleet and, optionally, their real-world maintenance, supply & logistics infrastructure. Using the unique capabilities of a high-fidelity Predictive Twin, Asset Managers are able to both understand the actual current state of their assets, but also apply advanced analytics to execute extensive simulations against the model to develop stunningly accurate future maintenance and parts needs, identify problems before they occur, try out different solutions, and optimize a broad range of resource plans.

Clockwork’s consultative and data-driven approach helps customers significantly decrease operational and capital expenditures while increasing organizational and asset performance.