Power Delivery Intelligence Initiative – PDi2

PDi2 is a working group whose aim is to collect and use data to provide an objective means to evaluate power infrastructure investments from the perspective of life-cycle costs to determine which power solution – overhead or underground – to employ.

PDi2 is committed to becoming a trusted reference for all stakeholders within the electric power value chain, including design engineers, EPCs, utilities, utility commissions or regulators and consumers. We’d like to work together to change today’s view on how to approach infrastructure investment decisions.

Initial investment cost has been a core driver in how we think about infrastructure today. What if we could improve this model by considering the longer-term effects on society, our customers, our environment and our businesses by considering the quantifiable factors of reliability, speed to implement and other life-cycle value contributors?

Today, undergrounding is a viable but underutilized solution to address limitations of overhead regarding: 

  • Reliability
  • Availability of right-of-way
  • Project timeline
  • Aesthetics and real estate value
  • Physical security 

Power system reliability and longevity are important – for consumer trust and sustainable economic impact. It’s important not to overlook underground.