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'Just one more nail in the coffin,' fishermen react to Vineyard Wind announcement


NEW BEDFORD — Ed Anthes-Washburn, the director of the New Bedford Port Authority, received a constant stream of calls Wednesday afternoon after the announcements of offshore wind contracts.Those within the fishing industry have been preparing for the day when they’d have to share the ocean with offs...

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Matt Chester's picture
Matt Chester on May 24, 2018

"Just last month, fishermen and environmentalists — usually on the opposite ends of debate — banded together at the Waypoint Convention Room for a Vineyard Wind public comment meeting to question the effects offshore wind would have on the environment."

I'm not well-versed in these debates, but I have to wonder-- are these issues the fishers are bringing up not ones that have been studied after offshore has been implemented in other parts of the world? It's not like this is a brand new technology, it's just still getting its foothold in the U.S. Are there any official studies from the international projects that have already been implemented?