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California PUC Issues Proposed Decision on Pacific Gas and Electric

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SACRAMENTO, California, April 20 -- The California Public Utilities Commission issued the following proposed decision (Case No. U39E):

Application of Pacific Gas and Electric Company for Approval of its Residential Rate Design Window Proposals, including to implement a Residential Default Time- Of-Use Rate along with a Menu of Residential Rate Options, followed by addition of a Fixed Charge Component to Residential Rates (U39E).

And Related Matters.


I have electronically served all persons on the attached official service list who have provided an e-mail address for the above-captioned proceedings. Upon confirmation of this document's acceptance for filing, I will cause a Notice of Availability of the document to be served by U.S. mail on all parties listed in the "Party" category of the official service list for whom no e-mail address is provided.

The official service list I use is current as of today's date.

Dated April 20, 2018, at San Francisco, California.


Joyce Tom

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Richard Ford's picture
Richard Ford on April 27, 2018

They are going in the wrong direction by adding fixed charges to residential rates.  That will result in higher prices per kWh for anyone who reduces kWh usage through energy conservation or installing solar panels.  Utility companies should not be allowed to penalize solar energy and conservation this way.