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Utility Management Group

Senior decision-makers come together to connect around strategies and business trends affecting utilities.

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Rafael — 68 posts

Consultant energy affairs, Self employed

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Richard — 37 posts

Principal, Alpine Communications

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Stephen — 33 posts

Energy Columnist, The Word Merchant, LLC

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Ferdinand E. — 27 posts

Professor, Uppsala University

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Salvatore — 16 posts

Contributor, Independent

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Brady — 11 posts

Executive Director and Economist, Consumer Policy Institute

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RICHARD joined 1 day ago

VP Grid Operations, Mosaic

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Jack joined 2 days ago

President, Advanced Energy Capital

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Alan joined 3 days ago

CEO, Ludlow Power

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Ahmad joined 3 days ago

Senior Director, Process and Planning , Pacific Gas and Electric Company

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Lucy joined 3 days ago

Digital Marketing Co-ordinator, Haven Power

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Abhishek joined 5 days ago

Student, Cornell University

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Utilities Struggle With Labor Shortage

As older workers retire, many utilities are finding it difficult to replace them, and to attract employees with the skills needed to advance a 21st century industry.

Time of use rates are wrong in Brazil

Official on-peak and off-peak hours and associated rates do not match actual recorded on-peak and off-peak demands: a huge mistake that has been going on for months in a row and most importantly: it seems that no ones cares!

Why is the EMC Giving Away a New Award? Introducing a New Methodology and a New Award

For the past 5 years, Energy Marketing Conferences has featured the retail energy awards.  At the Houston conferences in the spring, we present “The Retail Energy Provider of the Year Award” as well as..

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