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Utility Management Group

Senior decision-makers come together to connect around strategies and business trends affecting utilities.

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Rafael Herzberg's picture

Rafael — 645 posts

Consultant energy affairs, Self employed

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Ferdinand E. — 108 posts

Professor, Uppsala University

James (Jim) Schetter's picture

James (Jim) — 82 posts

Principal, Renewable Impacts LLC

Stephen Heins's picture

Stephen — 89 posts

Energy Columnist, The Word Merchant, LLC

AESP Content Contributor's picture

AESP — 56 posts

Communications, AESP

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Dennis — 47 posts

Freelance Journalist and Consultant,

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Thomas Hillig's picture

Thomas joined 4 days ago

Managing Director, THEnergy

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Sonam joined 4 days ago

Senior Marketing Analyst , Smart Energy Water

Chris Mitchell's picture

Chris joined 1 week ago

Project Manager, N Attleborough Electric Dept

Rafael Herzberg's picture

Rafael joined 2 weeks ago

Consultant energy affairs, Self employed

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Ganesh joined 3 weeks ago

Student, University

Llewellyn King's picture

Llewellyn joined 1 month ago

Executive Producer, White House Media, LLC

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Post - 6 hours agoARCOS LLC

Utility Recruiting in the 21st Century

A recent conversation overheard in West Texas went like this: a local rancher was explaining his difficulty in finding a technician who could service his aging cattle stock tank wind vane that pumped water up to his thirsty herd of Herefords. A..
This Post is from an ARCOS LLC contributor
Post - 8 hours agoUtility Management Group

Systematic cable rejuvenation program contributes to improve SAIDI and SAIFI scores at Veridian Connections

Ed Johnston, distribution engineer at Veridian, explains how using electrical cable rejuvenation as a part of its asset management program improved both its SAIDI & SAIFI Index scores at the 5th largest municipally owned electricity..

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