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Principal Alpine Communications

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Stephen — 33 posts

Energy Columnist The Word Merchant, LLC

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Ferdinand E. — 27 posts

Professor Uppsala University

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Advanced Energy Economy — 16 posts

AEE AEE Blog Posts

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Alfred joined 2 days ago

Dr Zeitoun company for solar power

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Director Austin Energy

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Research & Technological Development Greenhart Inc.

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President Menlo Energy Economics

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ENGINEER Aviz Consulting

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Marketing Coordinator SUMS Group

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Power Prices Hit $9,000/MWh as Texas Grid Declares First Supply Emergency Since 2014

Utility Management Group -
The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) issued its first emergency alert since January 2014, after record demand driven by a summer heat wave last week pushed electricity prices above $9,000 per megawatt-hour and reduced the sprawling...

Austin Energy Uses Social Service Strategies to Assist Vulnerable Populations

Utility Management Group -
Austin Energy was recently granted an award for its Customer Assistance Program (CAP), which offers solutions and options for those struggling to pay their utility bills. Eligible customers receive financial support, case management, and other..

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