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The Utility Business Network covers the diverse professionals who work in the day-to-day business operations at utilities. This network includes the Utility Professionals, Utility Management, Customer Care, HR & Recruitment, Resource Management groups.

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Personalizing the Utility Payment Experience

The opportunity — and necessity — to strengthen relationships with customers has never been greater, and utility companies should be thinking about the experiences they offer.


In addition to serving its primary purpose of informing and building bridges to customers and other stakeholders, communications is a strategic risk-management activity that creates a safety net under a utility that shortens its recovery from a..

Consider the Unusual, Unexpected in Pitching your Utility

Look for the unusual when pitching your utility. Case in point, an article about the problems squirrels cause utilities by chewing on power lines and creating outages. The public is always interested in "slice of life" stories.

A multi-trillion-dollar energy marketplace is emerging

The country’s electric grid was once called one of the greatest engineering achievements of the 20th century.  Now, however, its three interconnected grids are decades old and the world has shifted. Billions of individual devices and population..

How Many Energy Jobs Have Been Created Under Trump?

The 21st Century Energy Institute of the US Chamber of Commerce recently commissioned a study to check the job scenario created by the unconventional energy resource boom initiated by President Donald Trump

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Studies from University of Technology Sydney Provide New Data on Electronics (Development of a Fuzzy-logic-based Energy Management System for a Multiport Multioperation Mode Residential Smart Microgrid)

2019 APR 19 (NewsRx) -- By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Electronics Daily -- Current study results on Electronics have been published. According to news originating from Sydney, Australia, by NewsRx correspondents...