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The Utility Business Network covers the diverse professionals who work in the day-to-day business operations at utilities. This network includes the Utility Professionals, Utility Management, Customer Care, HR & Recruitment, Resource Management groups.

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When Should Your Utility Right Wrongs?

When should you correct an error about your utility that appears in the media's reporting? There's no set answer, but you probably should let things go more often than not unless they're of an incredibly damaging nature.

Rate Design for Consumer Empowerment

There are valuable lessons to be learned from the experiences of Illinois, California and other utilities across the country who have implemented TOU rates for their customers.
Post - 23 hours agoUtility Management Group

Major repairs and upgrades to U.S. utility infrastructure scheduled to begin in 2019

2018 has been a year of devastation! Wildfires in California, hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes and gas line explosions were horrific.  The carnage was great and public infrastructure assets were significantly impacted.
Case Study - 23 hours agoHR and Recruitment Professionals Group

Guide on Developing a Workplace Culture Free of Abuse & Bullying

Workplaces are a natural melting pot for people of all different backgrounds to come together and work toward a singular company vision. However, not all employees work cohesively with one another, as some people may not get along all that well..

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