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The EnergyBiz® Network brings together the insights and experience of business, management and operations professionals who run utilities. The Groups in this network are focused on all aspects of running a modern electric utility as well as strategic and industry-wide topics.

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Customer Care Group -

Pitch the Right Person to Improve Your Utility’s PR efforts

It's hard enough to get the media to bite on a pitch, so don't compound the problem by pitching the wrong person. Here are some tips to find the most receptive ear.
Utility Management Group -

UK - Energy Intelligence Market Report - October 19

UK Energy Market Report: Apart from a blip upwards mid-month, in response to an attack on an Iranian oil tanker in the middle east, forward UK energy prices generally drifted downwards throughout the month.See the complete Market Report here:
Customer Care Group -

Build Robust Customer Relationships by Taking a Proactive Approach

Take time to review the effectiveness of your approach to customer relationship management. Don’t take your client relationships for granted. Just like any relationship, they need to be nurtured to be preserved and grown.

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