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The Utility Business Network covers the diverse professionals who work in the day-to-day business operations at utilities. This network includes the Utility Professionals, Utility Management, Customer Care, HR & Recruitment, Resource Management groups.

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Lessons Learned: NERC’s $10M Enforcement Action

This historic action and fine will drive changes in Duke Energy’s NERC CIP compliance program, but the resulting changes may be focused on prevention rather than detection and response/recovery areas.

Turning Fossil Fuel Experience into Clean Power Jobs

A part of the clean energy transition that strikes at the core of many communities who are not so enthusiastic about it comes in the area of jobs. Companies, people, regions, and professions that are dependent on fossil fuel production and..

Thriving in a multi-generational workforce in the Power Industry

For the first time ever, we have four generations in the US workforce at the same time, and a fifth one is entering as I write this.

They are, by years..

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