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The Transmission Professionals special interest group covers the distribution of power from generation to final destination. 


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Paul Dumais's picture

Paul — 46 posts

CEO, Dumais Consulting

Dave Bryant's picture

Dave — 31 posts

Director Technology, CTC Global

Matt Chester's picture

Matt — 22 posts

Energy Analyst, Chester Energy and Policy

Alireza Soroudi's picture

Alireza — 5 posts

Energy Optimization Consultant, Senior member of IEEE

Lisa Kiava's picture

Lisa — 4 posts

Media Relations, Xcel Energy

charles okriwoso's picture

charles — 3 posts

Business Hall Manager, NTA-Startv Network Ltd

Newest Members of Group

Derek Button's picture

Derek joined 4 days ago

Engineering Manager, Saskatoon Light & Power

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Steve joined 1 week ago

Vice President, SAP America

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Scott joined 1 week ago

Regional Sales Manager, LightSpeed Technologies, Inc.

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Karen joined 1 week ago

CEO/CEM/Electrician/ConstructionPM/EHS/ProfEDU/FinancialConsultant, Celestine Treasure Chest Green Solutions LLC

John Rozum's picture

John joined 1 week ago

Director, Utility & Ag Exhibitions & Events / ICUEE Show Director, Association of Equipment Manufacturers

Tushar Trivedi's picture

Tushar joined 1 week ago

VP, Sales, HCL America Inc.

Transmission Professionals Group Member Posts

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Transmission Professionals Group -

NYISO Adds Transmission Project Cost Containment to its Tariff

On December 17, 2019, in ER20-617, the NYISO proposed changes to its public policy transmission process to establish provisions for cost containment of transmission projects proposed by developers.  As detailed in its filing, the NYISO’s proposed..
Paul Dumais's picture
Dumais Consulting

Member since 2018

CEO, Dumais Consulting

Transmission Professionals Group -

Update on Transmission Return on Equity

In FERC dockets ER14-12 and ER15-45, many TOs are attempting to join the MISO ROE cases via late intervention and providing comments to FERC that FERC’s new base ROE methodology does not produce a just and reasonable rate and an adequate base..
Paul Dumais's picture
Dumais Consulting

Member since 2018

CEO, Dumais Consulting

Transmission Professionals Group -

What You Should Know About the Transformative Potential of 4D Printing

Four-dimensional printing is a brand-new technology that’s still under development, but it may have a transformative potential for industries such as aviation, construction, and—pursuant to this article—the energy sector. Four-dimensional..
Ben Schultz's picture

Owner, Deluxe Copywriting

Transmission Professionals Group -

Transmission Accomplished: Bi-Weekly Digest of the Top Content Submitted to the Transmission Professionals Group in Energy Central- January 10, 2020

Happy Friday and happy new year, fellow members of the Energy Central Transmission Professionals Group. Now that the holidays are, sadly, in the rearview mirror, it’s time to get back into the swing of things. And to be honest, it’s quite..
Matt Chester's picture
Energy Analyst
Chester Energy and Policy

Member since 2018

Energy Analyst, Chester Energy and Policy

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