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What is your utility’s relationship with drones?

Many utilities are making use of drones to assist first responders in emergencies, perform substation mapping, and support equipment maintenance. In coming years, watchers expect drones to become more automated, and respond to specific situations without the need for people to operate them. Yet not all utilities have become early adopters of this technology. Is your utility using drones? If so, how? And, are you happy with the results? If not, what’s holding you back? And, do you see implementing drone technology in the near future?


Great article just shared on our site about Drones being used in the Industry.  This article is comprised from a survey conducted in July of 2018. 

"This survey was created in July 2018 and distributed within the Energy Drone Coalition network in the North American region with 214 total surveys completed,” InnovateEnergy Managing Director Sean Guerre said. “The survey is planned to be conducted again in 2019 to assess operational changes, market growth and technological developments of commercial drones in the energy industry, and we look forward to having even more respondents share their insights.”

The 2018 report revealed several key points, including the following:

  • Approximately two-thirds of the responding energy companies are currently operating drones.
  • 50 percent of those companies utilize in-house drone operations.
  • Multi-copters are the most utilized drone configuration.
  • Endurance, range, reliability and flexible utilization are the fundamental elements necessary to grow or scale drone use in the industry.
  • The current emphasis is on drones for maintenance and inspection applications while the industry is looking to increase R & D efforts for BVLOS operation."

To see the full report :

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