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Resource Management Group

This special interest group supports professionals who are involved in the critical mission of restoring service, business continuity and effective emergency preparedness in gas and electric utilities. 

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Ann — 14 posts

CEO, Consultant, Coach, HC-EMI

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Jean — 1 post

Field Editor,

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Jeff — 1 post

Senior Project Engineer, POWER Engineers

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Ed — 1 post

Product Marketing Manager, Critical Power Solutions Division, Eaton

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Fred — 1 post

Vice President, BRIDGE Energy Group

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Dr. John — 1 post

Chief Scientist , Casaba Security

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Fred joined 2 days ago

Vice President, BRIDGE Energy Group

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Paul joined 3 days ago

CEO, Dumais Consulting

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John joined 1 month ago

Senior Consultant, Microgrid Labs

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Jeff joined 1 month ago

Senior Project Engineer, POWER Engineers

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Jean joined 1 month ago

Field Editor,

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Shihui joined 1 month ago

Consultant, Accenture

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Post - 9 min agoResource Management Group

How Prepared Are Utilities to Respond to Cyberattacks?

Utilities are well equipped to respond to power outages resulting from equipment failures, usage spikes, and natural disasters. But, what about the increasingly real threat of a cyberattack?
Post - 2 days agoResource Management Group

Can the Gig Economy help utilities with their mass retirement problem?

The word ‘gig’ often conjures the image of a favorite rock star or artist, but the term has become increasingly synonymous with what economists observe to be a changing dynamic in our workforce.
Post - 2 weeks agoResource Management Group

Why Austin Energy wants 150 drones in the "next couple years"

Austin Energy is using its small fleet of drones to survey incidents, save time and money and keep workers out of dangerous situations. But the drone era is only just beginning.
Post - 3 weeks agoARCOS LLC

Three guidelines for reducing cyber-security risk

My former boss had a saying he found amusing. When he didn’t get what he wanted out of a meeting, he’d look across the table and say to whomever confounded him, “well, I’m glad they promoted you to director of business prevention.”
This Post is from an ARCOS LLC contributor

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News Article - 1 month ago ago
Source: Breaking Energy

3 Reasons Texas’ Electric Grid Survived A Summer That Pushed Its Limits

As the hot summer approached, Texas leaders expressed concern about potential blackouts and brownouts. Yet, thoughtful planning, a functional electricity market and clean energy helped ensure the lights stayed on. Power...