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What company would like to join our company, Alaska Applied Sciences, Inc. (AASI) in an R&D project converting a small 13-turbine Palm Springs windplant to delivering all its captured energy as hydrogen transportation fuel, with no grid connection?

See my November 2018 presentation at the ASME - IMECE  conference, Pittsburgh, about this project:              

Wind-to-Hydrogen via novel SEIG:           

TITLE:          Self Excited Induction Generator (SEIG) for Hydrogen and Ammonia C-free Fuel Production Without Electricity Grid Connection

Panel presentation by Bill Leighty, Principal, Alaska Applied Sciences, Inc., Juneau, Alaska at the 2018 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, 12-15 November, 2018, in Pittsburgh.  An R&D & Demonstration project for a novel technology integrating SEIG, close-coupled electrolysis stacks, and a single SCADA integrated in an optimized system dedicated to wind-source hydrogen fuel production with no connection to the electricity Grid.
Recorded at the Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, 13 November 18. 

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