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Three possible candidate designs for Smart Community Small Modular Nuclear Reactors

There are three promising GEN IV International Forum (GIF) SMR designs currently that can fit into my smart community model for electricity generation:

1) Lead cooled fast reactor (LFR),

2) Molten salt fast reactor (MSR) and

3) Sodium cooled fast reactor (SFR). 

I recommend one of each in every smart community for diversification.

Each can be designed for passive safety (convective cooling at atmospheric pressure) to avoid loss of coolant accident (LOCA), can use depleted U-238, multi-oxides (MOX), Th-232/U-233 and actinides from nuclear waste in closed fuel loop cycles.

The non-fissionable waste volume is significantly reduced and needs only 300 years of storage to cool down to background radiation levels as opposed to 10,000+ years for cooling untreated mixed nuclear reactor waste. Fusing this unusable waste in glass matrix is the non-leaching storage option. 

Fuel reprocessing can be local for safety, cost savings and job creation. Modular designs, prefabricated core and pool type configurations reduce nuclear reactor cost, improve fuel safety and reduce impact zones to the reactor unit.

GEN IV SMRs with fuel recycling can serve global energy needs for the next 2000 years based on current uranium and thorium reserves! More details to come :-)

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