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Save Energy and Increase Efficiency By Using Service Management Software

The main purpose the majority of companies opt for service management software is to save the businesses time within a system that can store all information in one place meaning that general day to day operations are easier and ultimately cost savings are made. A thought often neglected by business leaders when choosing job management software is the fact this software can reduce the organisation's carbon footprint. This piece will look into the methods how service management software can have a positive environmental impact; providing businesses with sometimes hidden advantages. The main areas where these benefits can be realised are due to the software'push for paperless, intelligent modules such as planned preventative maintenance, asset management along with engineer tracking. 

Going Paperless

The prominent advantage that service management software provides the environment is allowing organisations to go paperless. As service management software holds all records in one place this eliminates the requirement for paper records and notes. This advantage can be seen straight from the back office to the mobile engineers on site, whether filling our a job request for a new pipe or taking a picture of a problem this can all be stored in a singular place surrounding the job details. By going paperless there are more than just the initial advantage of reducing demand for paper and the mass deforestation seen across the world especially in the Amazon rainforest. The cloud is a very useful tool as it means documents can be viewed from multiple locations all across the world, web based service management software runs through the cloud providing this advantage. This availability of information will mean documents do not need to be printed as they can be viewed from a screen in any location, this saves on ink which also leads to less dangerous chemicals being manipulated and at mercy to the environment. 

Using service management software is not a prerequisite to saving paper and ink and the many advantages this enables the world's atmosphere. It simply facilitates intelligent use of software which can lead to a cleaner world from this perspective.   

The Software Providing Hidden Advantages 

There are various functions within service management software that provide hidden environmental advantages. One of them being planned preventative maintenance, this means companies can replicate the attendance of jobs so that maintenance checkups are ensured or the specific requirements will be met. Regular check-ups of devices (boilers, HVAC units etc...) to ensure they are not failing although may seem quite an obvious thing to maintenance companies can be troublesome to manage. Service management software leads to this process being made simple and ensuring that jobs will not be missed potentially leading to dangerous situations. Carbon monoxide leaks are often found in boilers without the owner having any prior knowledge of this, by attending the regular maintenance of items these leaks are prevented. This isn't just specifically for boilers but can be carried to electrical faults. Essentially service management software facilitation to make it easier to plan for regular checkups mean that danger can be avoided. 

Engineer Tracking 

How much fuel is unnecessarily wasted without prior route planning?

Service management software can enable back office staff members to look into the finer details of routes using maps and GPS tracking when distributing various jobs. This will not only enable organisations to make more money as jobs can be completed faster due to less time wasted whilst travelling, but lead to declining fuel costs and eventually lower overall business expenditure.   

In the future with the increased usage of electronic automobiles then it is very likely service industries would like to manage the energy consumption even closer. This could lead to potential future energy-saving route plans integrated into software modules.

The Future Possibilities Look Bright

With the continued advancement of mobile technology, and the push by all major retailers to provide energy efficient batteries. Service management software will only advance as an environmental benefit as its facilitators continue to show technological advancements, one example being longer and faster-charging lithium-ion batteries for mobile phones which will mean engineers phone batteries can last for a longer time so they can attend more jobs without having to worry about their phone battery.

As the future of electronic cars being the norm is nearly upon us. In the future, this could have an impact on job tracking software, where this could be possible to track engineers battery usage when planning for a day at work so then time savings could be accounted for, then organising routes for engineers. This organisation and planning should optimise the daily actions of an engineer while saving the battery allowing for further travel than if just going on the fly. 

Another advancement that could be seen sometime in the future could be that of job management software connecting with home energy smart meters. This will then provide an ultimate collection of information about a client saving a trip to the location where a problem may have arisen. An example of this could be that there may be a boiler experience issues, then via the data collected from the smart reader past history may provide reasoning behind the flaws. This could allow the company to send an engineer prepared for the task at hand, potentially fixing it quicker eliminating an environmental issue of an unsafe boiler. From the back office in this perspective, they could then select an engineer to send to the case who has an expertise on this kind of issue. All from an integration with home systems unit.

It is possible these features may never exist in the future, may not be needed due to other technological advancements or maybe a while off. If you want to start to begin and realise these advantages with job management software why not try Joblogic. If you have any thoughts on this matter I would love to hear more, please reach me at andrewb@tracersystems.co.uk. [Please note. all views are my own]  


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