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The Potency Of Business Intelligence And Big Data In Android App Development

In recent times, there has been a remarkable growth in the tech field of big data and business intelligence (BI). Now that more and more business organizations are adapting to BYOD trend, there seems to be an overwhelming decrease in the cost of custom mobile app development and a huge growth in the sale of smartphones and tablets.

No doubt, the industry is changing and the way apps are built and how they get uploaded to the apps stores have also changed. Now every Android app development company is either looking to design portlet-based apps that can work on every other mobile device or take advantage of big-data technologies and significant content.

Nowadays, there are enough resources and adequate tools available to help developers perform such projects including IDE services builders that help to automatically generate web services. Interestingly, just only a few industries are yet to experience this uncommon transformation that is already being observed. Today, mobile app development is considered as one of the most dynamic forces of empowerment for business intelligence and big data industry.

Business intelligence and big data

Every emerging Android app development company is seeking to produce a massive amount of data on user needs, user interests, and user behavior through mobile app development. When analyzed and employed appropriately, mobile applications have proven to be of great importance to businesses using BI tools. To this end, it can be rightly said that both mobile apps and business intelligence have emerged as an integral part of their own growth.

At this point, it is imperative to note that within the last 2 years over 90 percent of the world’s current data was produced. This explains the enormous potential of business intelligence and the relevance of mobile applications in the big data industry. Aside from their wondrous ability to generate data in large amounts, it is actually their ability to produce specific and accurate data that makes them one of the essential sources for the industry.

The information obtained can only be better organized and analyzed for optimal business use when it is more precise. In this situation, mobile apps are designed to generate accurate data that can be extremely useful to both consumers and businesses. Just so you know, these generated data helps to provide a meaningful insight into the consumers’ world.

In the business world, when an Android app development company obtains regular accurate insights on the needs of its target users, it is sure to emerge with a product that ensures a good and quality ROI. This implies that such business will make a meaningful headway in securing new users which can also go a long way in helping to generate more data. Basically, this is how big data and mobile apps are working in tandem with business intelligence to immensely contribute to collaborative growth.

Importance of business intelligence in mobile app development

Currently, there is an increasing number of mobile apps employing the potential of business intelligence (BI) and big data to enhance business growth. In a bid to provide meaningful services that could significantly improve the overall value of its applications’ usefulness to its users, any focused-minded Android app development company should be able to develop efficient apps that can effectively analyze generated user data. It is much easier and quicker for users to search their required information apps that are enhanced with big data analytics tools.

There are many benefits an Android app development company can benefit from employing business intelligence (BI) tools. As a matter of fact, these resources are have proven to be very effective in boosting sales, improving supply-chain management, boosting business productivity and even streamlining business operations for business apps (enterprise apps).

It importance of developing apps that are very much capable of delivering outstanding user experience in today’s tech world should be very paramount for any Android app development company. Currently, the mobile apps’ market is experiencing an unusual ruthless competition that doesn’t seem to subside anytime soon. Along with an effective BI strategy, big data analytics can go a long way in meeting these demands.

Basically, most analytics-powered applications are designed to utilize certain features of any smart device to provide users with beneficial information and delightful customer experience. Some of these features include user profiles, contacts, SMS, microphone, and GPS. Also, in order to provide users with better app experiences, these applications are also designed to make efficient use of certain details such as data generated during app usage like previous purchase history, items added in the cart, and most-viewed screens.

An Android app development company can effectively make use of users’ derived information to improve its customer service and marketing campaign. One good way to achieve this is by seeking users’ permission during an app installation to perform data scooping on their device through the application. With these available resources and tools, many app developers and companies are effectively tracing how their customers and users are interacting with their mobile applications.

In order to effectively identify both the feeble and strong features or elements of their mobile apps, many mobile app development companies are already employing this insight. Just so you know, app owners are now easily getting detailed insight on the importance and productivity of every feature that is being offered by their simply by analyzing these data. With these, any app development company can decide how its application’s next upgrade should be organized to suit its users’ needs.

The importance of business intelligence (BI) and big data in Android app development is just overwhelming; thanks to the unprecedented growth that is currently being experienced with the Internet of things (IoT). No doubt, the stack of data will surely continue to expand even at a more exponential rate. And even in years to come, there is every tendency for big data to be turned into more structured information that businesses can employ to improve their services. Apparently, any enterprise that is ignoring the need to back up its app with BI and big data tools is more or less committing commercial suicide.

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