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MicroTech Firm to the Rescue in Puerto Rico


It’s fascinating how technology adapts to a crisis, an example of this is small San Diego enterprise, Go Soulr, which specializes in solar-powered food and beverage carts. I know this company, my nephew, Tyler Norris, founded it and heard about their fascinating story and how the firm is helping Puerto Rico recover from its recent hurricane malaise.

Tyler’s family has deep connections to the island both because they own property there and the many friends who are residents. The first calls were to check on those acquaintances well being which led to more calls to governmental officials with offers to help in the recovery effort. Now Go Soulr is in the process of shipping hundreds of their carts to the island.

The carts are 100% solar powered and can be hooked up to a bicycle, or pulled by a vehicle, and will be used to deliver refrigerated medicines to remote areas inaccessible or powerless. The firm has teamed up with several health organizations to provide its revolutionary solar-powered carts to hurricane-stricken PR and other isles. This creative solution will bring refrigerated, or frozen, medicines, food, off-grid energy, and water to powerless areas that otherwise remain unserved. This remarkable, and carbonless, idea provides a "boots on the ground" approach to mitigating the devastating impact of post-hurricane (or other natural disasters) regions. Outfitting communities with this technology will provide a long-term sustainable solution for food security, micro-energy, education, and economic rebuilding.

The story speaks to the creativity of our citizens and how technology can save lives. Now the island is in the process of ordering thousands of these carts. Other islands, recognizing the need to be able to function off-grid, are also placing orders. Perhaps those other islands escaped unscathed, but none remain ignorant of their high risks living amidst hurricane alley. Next time a disaster strikes their citizens won’t go weeks without medicines, food, or water thanks to Go Soulr.

To learn more about the firm watch this video or visit their website.



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