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Michigan Energy Office launches four new listservs for people to keep up to date on its many activities

LANSING, Mich. – The Michigan Energy Office (MEO) today launched four topical listservs for people interested in keeping up to date on its grants and technical assistance programs.

“The Michigan Energy Office is actively involved in helping both public and private sector organizations lower energy costs and reduce energy waste,” said Valerie Brader, executive director of the Michigan Agency for Energy, of which the MEO is part. “The listservs launched today provide people with an easy way to keep up to date on the details of the various activities of the Energy Office.”

The four listservs are industrial, commercial, agricultural and municipal. To sign up for any of the listservs, individuals should visit this website, enter their email address and select the listservs in which they are interested.

The MEO is a federally-designated state energy office that offers financial programs promoting adaptable, affordable, reliable, and environmentally protective energy options, including energy waste reduction and renewable energy. 

For more information about MAE, please visit www.michigan.gov/energy.  


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