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KUA Sends Help to Restore Power in ‘Paradise’ After Irma

Kissimmee Utility Authority employees are on the move once again, this time to the Florida Keys where they are assisting a sister utility with storm recovery following Hurricane Irma.

KUA received a mutual aid request for assistance from Keys Energy Services, a municipally-owned utility serving the Lower Florida Keys. Headquartered in Key West, Keys Energy provides electricity to 29,000 customers from Key West north to the Seven-Mile Bridge. Irma knocked out power to 100 percent of their customers after the eyewall crossed over their service area on the morning of Sept. 10.

KUA sent its power production manager and instrumentation/electrical supervisor to assist Keys Energy with the repair of their Stock Island power plant, and to assist with bringing the generating units back online.

In addition, KUA has provided a team of employees to assist with warehouse loading, unloading and staging of supplies, due to the high volume of utility materials arriving daily by truck.

Last week, KUA lineworkers returned home to Kissimmee after 11 days of power restoration efforts in Kissimmee, Orlando and Lakeland. Overall, Irma knocked out power to nearly 6.5 million customers statewide.

Coordination of mutual aid needs by Florida utilities is handled by the Florida Municipal Electric Association and Florida Municipal Power Agency.

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