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Helping Hands in Puerto Rico

Chainsaw in hand, Alaskan hitchhikes around Puerto Rico, helping the island recover.  That headline featured the story of Danny Bordwell, a volunteer from Alaska.  He wanted to do something to help so he made his way to the island and went to work clearing trees from rural roads.  His story is one of many efforts to assist the people of Puerto Rico who have been struggling for months without power or daily necessities.  

Jim Gulezian of Orange & Rockland utility said his crew were treated like a liberating army as they entered La Perla.  People lined the streets, clapping and crying as utility workers drove in with utility trucks. A joint operation by O & R and Con-Edison brought more than 100 workers to Puerto Rico earlier this month.  200 more workers have been sent from NY to assist  some 160 workers sent earlier this month along with 180 utility vehicles.  Florida Power & Light assembled a team  of restoration professionals who have declared their commitment to rebuild Puerto Rico’s electrical infrastructure.  Dominion Energy shipped donated solar panels, an effort organized and paid for, in part, by employees, some with ties to the island.

These efforts represent a small number of volunteers who have stepped up to assist the hurricane-stricken island.  Do you know anyone assisting in the work to restore power and livable conditions in Puerto Rico?  Please share your stories.


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