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Energy Engineering- Things to Know about it

In the era where energy consumption is so high that people are looking at alternative and cleaner ways to obtain energy. As an energy engineer, you would have to focus on producing energy in an efficient way and cleaner way which will, in turn, reduces the threats to environment. Energy engineering is not to be considered as just one of the fields of engineering. It is a field of engineering that is totally the need of the hour. In India, Energy engineering is on rise and it is seen to have opted by many students. 

Energy engineering offers study about how to innovate ways to reduce the consumption energy. It provides efficient energy solutions and invent designs to conserve energy. It also focuses on methods to produce energy through renewable resources. This can avoid the exhausting of non-renewable resources which is being used in supplying energy. For instance, nuclear power plant uses non-renewable resources to produce electricity i.e., electrical energy. When the nonrenewable resources are extinguished we have come up with methods to innovate electricity which can be using wind energy or any other alternative. Hence energy engineering is energy friendly engineering. It is mix of application of physics, mathematics and chemistry with environmental and economic practices. JEE main helps people pursue their dreams in energy engineering.

Energy engineering is a vast field of engineering. It has various branches such as:

·         Power engineering: It mostly deals with power or electrical power. The study is basically on generation, transmission and utilization of electrical energy.

·         Nuclear engineering: Nuclear energy has led to this field. Nuclear engineering focuses on the study of atomic nuclei. It provides you platform to design equipment for nuclear plants.

·         Hydro-engineering: This is a renewable-friendly engineering. This deals with producing electricity or electrical energy through falling water or moving water. This is widely accepted form of production of power.

·         Solar engineering: it is reliable energy engineering where this resource can never get exhausted. It deals with the design and development of solar energy projects.

·         Wind engineering: it is a field of engineering where the effects and analysis of wind takes place. The advantages and disadvantages that can result from wind are studied. The wind turbines used to produce energy are studied, analyzed, designed and planned.

Energy might fall into category of either eco-friendly or not. Opting for eco-friendly way of producing and using energy will help us in the long run. The global warming and other environmental threats show that resources used in producing energy might indirectly both benefit and harm us. So, Study of energy engineering is not a piece of cake but a person with lot of passion who wants to do something can. Energy engineer get to innovate, create and analyze which is every engineer’s dream.

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