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Cresatech to present continous monitoring of grounding integrity at 9th CEATI Grounding and lightning Conference San Antonio Texas

Continuous monitoring of grounding integrity

The grounding of substations and cell towers is critical for their safe operation, yet despite its criticality, it’s not monitored. It is also increasingly the target of theft on an industrial scale.  Consequently, electricity operators are unaware of grounding removal which in turn, leaves sites in a dangerous condition, putting people, assets and service supply at risk. With copper prices at near record highs, now is the time to act before engineers safety is put at risk.

At the conference I will be describing a patented solution which monitors remotely all grounding infrastructure and alerts in real-time the location of metal theft, degradation and failure, providing automatic alerting, and thereby facilitating early intervention. This low-cost solution is easy to install requiring minimal ongoing maintenance.

Automatic alerting using IoT technology in real time for theft, degradation or failure of the grounding provides four key benefits:

· Enhances asset/site safety playing a critical role in protecting staff and public from death and serious injury (ALARP)

· Electricity substations can cover a large area, the solution highlights the occurrence of a fault and its location for faster and safer resolution

· Minimises outage risk thereby reducing consequential asset damages, service failure and other financial losses. It has a role in Critical Infrastructure protection (CIP)

· Automated monitoring reduces the frequency of manual inspection allowing better use of resources





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