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Creatively Helping The Environment And Doing Their Bit- Stories Of Five Companies Saving The Planet!

While large and small companies are often in the news for wrong reasons, such as destroying the ecological balance around for their own manufacturing and production needs, there are companies that do just the opposite. These are companies that care for the environment and yet bring to the consumers the best of products and services. Lesser carbon footprints, eco-friendly manufacturing ways and more, let’s take a look at five companies that creatively save the world.


The ‘Just do it’ brand logo is the signature trademark of Nike; don’t we just love the sports apparel they come out with- they have the greenest soccer shoes around? Being a footwear giant, Nike does a lot for the environment and encourage its employees and consumers to do the same. Nike uses recycled aluminum frames in the Netherland headquarters and along with that, for energy storage, it uses underground facilities. This has helped the company adhere to strict emission standards across all production units, bringing down carbon footprints to a very large extent.


In the past, Dell would use bamboo packaging for its all its goods, which was very popular but expensive and not eco-friendly. However, with more consciousness towards the environment, the software giant now works with eco-friendly creative ways to pack what they make-  the incorporation of Mushroom Packaging is the new creative way to save the environment and get the job done. They don’t use plastic based foam cushions and foam peanuts anymore to store and deliver their products. The new form of packaging is made from mushroom mycelium and plants, which literally grows around the packaging and heat treated before deliveries are made.


Popular and very famous and largest shipping companies worldwide, the two have jumped onto the bandwagon of saving the planet through creative eco-friendly methods. Far from using trucks that consume huge amounts of gasoline and oil while deliveries are being made almost daily, the two have now started using ‘cargo bikes’, which are cleaner transportation alternatives to the former modes of transportation and delivery. Across many European nations, DHL has started the cargo bike services in full-swing; bringing down carbon footprints and emissions to a large extent. The use of electric Cargo Cruisers since 2012 by UPS has been known too!

Radio Taxis Group 

In the UK, there is one company named the Radio Taxis Group which claims to be the first of any of the carbon free taxi companies around the world. Its aim is to offset all the carbon emissions possible, and to work to fund various environmentally friendly projects around too. There is an audit done on the company each year to check how much of carbon footprints it has reduced from throwing out into the world, and the cost savings are great. The carbon neutral cars they have on hire are comfortable to ride in, and don’t let out emissions as much as other modes do!

Nordisk Cryobank

A famous European sperm bank has recently launched a bullet bike- the "Sperm Bullitt". It is a sperm shaped bicycle to look at which has a cooling system of its own. This allows the sperm samples to be quickly and safely transported to fertility clinics nearby. It does send out a message to the public, for a noble cause of sperm donation of course, and along with that, to save the planet. It is an eco-friendly and a very creative way to transport sperm, and doesn’t leave behind carbon emissions at all.

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Know of other companies creatively doing their bit? Write in!

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