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Can the energy miracle emerge under #GreatCapitalism?

This is still another follow up, this time to the post The energy miracle needs a "Beautiful Company," which come from the following now a ten tweets conversation, whose last two tweets are:

Jose A Vanderhorst S‏ @gmh_upsa  Apr 21 Replying to @gmh_upsa @techreview and 17 others Electric retail market @RockyMtnInst @rachelkatiegold @Rev4NY @Stphn_Lacey @ClimateGroup @nrgenergy @POLMSTED @MACHEnergyinc @brianreports 

That tweet has the following image:

Start an emerging global electric retail market with the customer experience

Jose A Vanderhorst S‏ @gmh_upsa Replying to @gmh_upsa @techreview and 26 others @HarvardBiz @level5leaders @IEEEorg @ACRD1974 @InfoEcon @g2parker please respond to: Does #GreatCapitalism fits #GPDF17 #GlobalDebout #15M?

As that last tweet has two images, the second image is added next.

Can #GreatCapitalism’s Wisdom replace #GoodCapitalism’s Money?


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