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Brazil: how to take advantage of the DR program?

The question is about  the pilot program that starts this year in Brazil, initially for consumers in the North and Northeast of the country.

The answer depends on the case of each case under consideration:

  • What electric loads will be "offered" by the client? 
  • How long can these loads  "participate" in the DR program?
  • What economic benefits are on the table for each case? 
  • What are the associated costs?
  • Is the benefit vs. cost ratio "sexy"?

There are two main business alternatives that are currently relevant and should be evaluated with respect to the DR program in Brazil:

  • "load aggregation" to consolidate a group of consumer companies
  • studies for each consumer to "model" the  "demand response"

If you represent a potential load aggregator or a consumer and have the desire to consider business development to take advantage of this program, be sure to get in touch to open talks about DR. There is a whole new world of opportunities coming up!

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