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Brazil & Electric power: dirt under the carpet?

Our cultural profile allows us to accept - without ceremony - that huge distortions in the electric sector remain for years intact, hidden.

  • Rate manipulations (populist Governments)  
  • Unending conflicts (Judiciary)
  • Open disobedience in settlements (power clearinghouse) 
  • Open disrespected for continuity indicators (unplanned interruptions hours/year)
  • Majority of the official CEOs with no successful career in the power energy arena
  • Endemic corruption in official energy companies and institutions 
  • Subsidies and charges created without meritocracy 

It is not by chance that Brazil, despite having the most competitive energy sources (hydro primarily) is home to very expensive rates and prices as compared to global references. competitors.

Will we have the motivation, the strength, the willpower to solve each of these distortions or will we remain eternally underdeveloped?


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