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5 Great Benefits You Can Get from Using LED Signs for Your Business

They may be a single bulb or a collection as seen on a traffic light. As a collection together, they form images on a large screen television that are becoming thinner by the day!

How do they do it?

An incandescent bulb contains a tungsten filament that glows when electricity is passed through it. While a LED is made of a two-lead semiconductor also known as a p-n junction diode. A diode is like a valve that allows the light to flow in one direction like water flowing in a pipe.

When the value is on, the electrons flow from the place of higher electron density to the lower electron density. This flow of electrons is accompanying with light emission. The higher the number of electrons flowing across the junction the brighter the light. This glowing or emission of light is known as electroluminescence. We use this glow of diodes to light up your business.

led display lights restaurants

The benefits for your business

  • Environmentally Friendly and Long-lasting - LEDs last 50 - 100 thousand hours which is 3 - 6 years longer than an incandescent, fluorescent or neon light. LEDs have no tubes thus the signage can be svelte with backlight panels with minimum use of materials. You can add in Indicator lightings that respond to remote control and optoisolator lending to the elegant design. A low power requirement lends itself to use of battery during a power outage. The overall effect of this long-lasting, energy efficient system a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Maintain brightness through their lifespan - There is no risk of gases leaking from the neon tubes leading to the dimming of the lights. Nowadays these LEDs are functioning efficiently and without fail on billboards, alphanumeric displays, etc. They have found use in creative architectural lighting and LCD backlighting due to these very factors.  Their lifespan, consistent brightness and efficiency lead to uniform and intended illumination.
  • Bright colours - Business owners spend huge sums to put up an engaging, eye-catching sign on their businesses. The LEDs can produce eye-catching brilliant and clear light that makes the signboards easy to read from up-close and far. The light is so intense that is visible in sunlight too.
  • Minimal Maintenance - LEDs last longer thus the frequency of replacing the blown out or fused bulbs is lesser. There are no gasses to fill and fragile vacuum tubes to replace making them cost-effective. Besides the uniform lighting, adds an air of efficiency and consistency to your business. This leads to a better appearance of the business impressing the customers.
  • Versatile, attention-grabbing Signage option - LEDs can be used in any combination to produce every kind of movement, flashes, animations and colour changes. This versatility is not possible with other lighting options because LEDs are composed of many separate tiny lights that can be programmed to light up flash and fade independently of each other. This adds flexibility and flash to your signage ensuring you have a distinct impressive and mesmerizing logo.

Other uses of LED lighting in commercial spaces

Footbal grounds, factories, street lighting and even restaurant signs are converting their lighting system to LED's. While the upfront cost might get the decision maker thinking twice, when they sit down and do some math, business owner quickly realise that they will make their money back within the first 2 years says Daniel from Fm Digital

In Conclusion

LEDs are cleaner and highly efficient method of illumination as they produce brighter and uniform light. They last longer as they don’t burn up quickly due to high voltage and heat like the other light emitting devices. As less amount of electricity is consumed they are an economically viable alternative.

They also use less voltage to produce lumens equal to incandescents, therefore, they work perfectly with alternative sources of energy. LEDs are also lending to a symbiotic development of devices such as solar panels, etc that are becoming increasingly efficient encouraging consumers to go off the grid. Overall, LEDs are becoming increasingly lighter on the pockets of the business owners making them an effective means of lighting up their businesses.


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