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This group is the default community for every Energy Central registered member. We discuss and share a variety of topics related to the global power industry. 

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Rafael — 559 posts

Consultant energy affairs, Self employed

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Marcial — 55 posts

President, Winning Edge Lending Corp.

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Erfan — 53 posts

CEO, The Bit Bazaar

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John — 47 posts

Senior Consultant, Microgrid Labs

Stephen Heins's picture

Stephen — 44 posts

Energy Columnist, The Word Merchant, LLC

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Pat — 35 posts

Senior Energy Communications Strategist, NATURAL RESOURCES DEFENSE COUNCIL

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Brian joined 2 days ago

Southeast Consultant, Consultant for EESI and NRDC

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Daniel joined 2 days ago

Sr. Program Associate, Partnership for Global Security

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Thomas joined 2 days ago

Manager, Leidos

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Christine joined 2 days ago

Sr. Business Analyst, PECO

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Andreas joined 2 days ago

Network Engineer, Electricity Authority of Cyprus

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Alexandr joined 2 days ago

Project engineeer, HKP-Ingenieure

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Lessons Learned: NERC’s $10M Enforcement Action

This historic action and fine will drive changes in Duke Energy’s NERC CIP compliance program, but the resulting changes may be focused on prevention rather than detection and response/recovery areas.

Puerto Rico solar customers score a win in fight over ‘abusive’ contracts

The oversight agency affirms that consumers can turn to it to claim their rights and orders the Texas corporation to establish a protocol to disclose complete information about its services. It also allows customers to object invoices....

The Utility Professional "Roundup" - My 5 Favourite Resources from the Utility Industry This Week

There is zero doubt that customer engagement in the utility industry is changing rapidly. A lot has been said about the technologies that are disrupting this business, but at a high level, what does this mean for the utility?

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