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Oil & Gas Group

This group brings together those who are interested in topics around oil and gas exploration, drilling, refining, and processing.

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Enno — 16 posts

CEO, ShaleProfile

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Matt — 12 posts

Energy Analyst, Chester Energy and Policy

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Brian — 7 posts

Independent Writer, NextBigFuture

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Jose — 1 post

Machinery Consultant, BRG Machinery Consulting

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Jean — 1 post

Field Editor,

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Paul — 1 post

Executive Director, Industrial Energy Consumers of America

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Ritesh joined 1 week ago

Mobile App Development Company, Mobisoft Infotech

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Len joined 1 week ago

Principal Author and Editor, 21st Century Tech Blog

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Nathan joined 2 weeks ago

Founder, Finding an Outlet

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Brian joined 3 weeks ago

Independent Writer, NextBigFuture

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Stephane joined 3 weeks ago

Chairman and Chief Technology Officer, Novacab Inc.

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Tom joined 4 weeks ago

Publisher, Cleantech Concepts

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Post - 1 day agoOil & Gas Group

Investors call on BP, Exxon, Shell to defend EPA methane regulations

Last week, investors representing $1.9 trillion assets under management called on 30 oil and gas companies, urging them to publicly oppose the EPA’s proposed weakening of its methane rules. This letter is signed by investors including CalSTRS,...
Post - 2 days agoOil & Gas Group

Methane rollbacks test BP, ExxonMobil, Shell commitments to support Paris goals

By Ben Ratner and Nat Keohane As business executives join leaders from government and civil society for COP24 in Katowice, Poland, a regulatory rollback across the Atlantic puts a sharp focus on the seriousness of energy companies’ commitments...
Post - 3 days agoOil & Gas Group

Oil Analyst Makes Case for Electric Cars and Picks Copper as Way to Play Battery Future

Marin Katusa of Katusa Research is an oil and uranium analyst. He gave his take last year on oil and uranium prices. Oil will remain range bound and Uranium prices will recover but in 2 to 5 years from last year. This means in 2020 to 2023. He...
Post - 5 days agoOil & Gas Group

Texas Has Oil Past 2050 and Telling Real-Life JR Ewings to Stop Will Not Work

The US Geological Survey has performed an updated survey of the primary oil basin in Texas and doubled their estimate of technically recoverable oil and gas from 2016. Fracking Technology Keeps Improving They did not change how much oil they...
Post - 6 days agoOil & Gas Group

OPEC and Russia Will Cut 1.2 Million Barrels per Day for 6 Months

OPEC and Russia have agreed to a 1.2 million barrel per day production output cut. World Oil production is just over 100 million barrels per day, so this is a 1.2% global cut. This is about 3% cut for OPEC and Russia combined. Oil prices went up...

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