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Oil & Gas Group

This group brings together those who are interested in topics around oil and gas exploration, drilling, refining, and processing.

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Independent Writer NextBigFuture

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Director, Global Energy Markets & Business Development URSA Space Systems

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Upstream Petroleum Fiscal Analyst GlobalData

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Counsel Dentons

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Oil & Gas Group -

Victoria’s Resolution for Class-Action Climate Lawsuit Defeated at Association Meeting

Last weekend local municipal officials in British Columbia (B.C.) met for the annual meeting of the Association of Vancouver Island Coastal Communities (AVICC) and rejected a resolution put forward by the city of Victoria that would have...
Oil & Gas Group -

EU Parliament Rejects #ExxonKnew Campaign

Despite recent efforts by anti-oil and gas activists and Green party members, the European Parliament voted not to strip ExxonMobil of its access badges to Parliament. The post EU Parliament Rejects #ExxonKnew Campaign appeared first...
Oil & Gas Group -

Why talent retention in oil and gas will depend on engagement

It's no secret that staff retention in the oil and gas industry is an issue; it has one of the highest turnover rates in any sector. However, there are solutions to minimise the risk of high staff turnover.
Oil & Gas Group -

America is Almost Energy Self Sufficient – Can it Remain That Way?

The US is on its way to becoming a net energy exporter by 2022, the US (DoE) Department of Energy stated. The boom in shale oil and gas field productions and a constant moderate domestic demand will make the country an energy exporter very soon.
Oil & Gas Group -

#ExxonKnew Activists Release Manual to Eliminate Energy Industry

Climate activists and lawyers have released an over 1,000-page legal compendium that provides a cynical playbook for eliminating fossil fuels – threatening thousands of jobs, energy security, and the economy. In a bold move of hypocrisy, they...
Oil & Gas Group -

Scientists identify opportunities to better understand oilfield wastewater

By Cloelle Danforth and Nichole Saunders Collaborative research is a critical element for identifying unforeseen risks associated with using the oil industry’s wastewater outside the oilfield. That’s the recommendation of a new peer-reviewed...

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