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The Intelligent Utility® Network is the place for utility professionals to discuss the cutting edge of digital, mobile, and analytical advancements. This network includes the Digital Utility & Mobile groups.

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"It's the Energy Policy, not the Technology" ... Blockchain & PeertoPeer meet Energy Policy & Regulation ...

Digital Utility Group -
Taking a look at the role Energy Policy and Regulation has to play when it comes to being able to deploy Blockchain enabled Peer to Peer Energy markets ... or not as the case may be ... 

Locating Pittsburgh Microgrids for Climate Resilience and Calculating their Value

Digital Utility Group -
A University of Pittsburgh economist who specializes in analyzing the financial risk of climate impacts is working on calculating the value of microgrids to help provide greater resilience in cities.
Hear Mike Goggin, Director of Geospatial Services at Patrick Engineering, speak to the growing adoption of location intelligence technologies and advanced analytics in the utilities industry.

SG Tech Europe: Cyber security expertise is growing – on both sides

Digital Utility Group -
The sector continues to become more engaged with this crucial topic, and with engagement comes knowledge. Knowledge is building up everywhere – in the utilities, in the security community, but also – unfortunately – among hackers.

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