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Vision for Blockchain Led Transformation to Empower Customers with “Flexi-Grid”

Digital Utility Group -
This paper aims to portray the effectiveness of blockchain technology as an effective transformation tool for improvement of process payments for electricity in real-time and also briefly discuss the roadmap for achievement of ‘Smart Contract’.

What Future Holds for Blockchain in the Energy Sector?

Digital Utility Group -
When blockchain debuted alongside Bitcoin in 2009, it marked the beginning of a revolution in the technological sphere. It might have been introduced to us through cryptocurrency but the blockchain is so much more than that.

The Kodak moment

Digital Utility Group -
With demand side management, renewable energy growth, data hungry customers, distributed generation and a younger tech savvy workforce - Utilities needs to adapt, change and embrace the blockchain.

Balancing Grid Modernization and Consumer Interests

Digital Utility Group -
Recently, I’ve been following Virginia’s grid modernization debate very closely. I think it’s possible between this case, PG&E / SDG&E, and North Carolina asking Duke Energy to re-examine the economic feasibility of coal plants that we..

Why we should consider blockchain technology for integrating DER

Digital Utility Group -
People often ask me, 'why should we consider distributed ledger (aka Blockchain) for DER?'  My simple answer is that my analysis to date is showing a distributed ledger will deliver better outcomes for the consumer.

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