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What methods should be used to analyze the information technology effect on the Carbon footprint?

Information technology is proving itself in energy sector, but what extent the effect will be, need to be quantified. Is there a way to evaluate the digital technologies and its effect in electricity sector? How to analyse the impact on carbon footprint due to digital technologies?


It is too general a question.

Does it refer coal emission or the presence of contaminated air in the atmosphere due to carbon presence?

If it is due to latter one, then the best methodology used should be by introducing the Compressed Air Turbine. It would be difficult to analyzed by using Dust Particle Counter.

 In Compressed Air Turbine, the dust content could be weighted after being filtered by water.


This question is too scattered to answer directly. 

The effects of various technologies on the power supply and distribution networks can be quantified. The formulas would not be trivial and would need to account for considerably more than buzzwords. 

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