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Smart Meters to the Rescue?

Residential solar panels have reduced energy costs, lowered our carbon footprint and provided an energy source to the grid.  But for Manitoba man, Jarrod Chamberlin, solar panels have created quite the conundrum.  Manitoba Hydro mistakenly assured him the solar panels he installed would produce more than enough electricity to power his home.  After 2 credits on his bill, Chamberlin’s most recent bill was over $1400.00.  When he called, he was told an employee read his usage meter incorrectly.  Manitoba Hydro have yet to rectify the situation but Chamberlin plans to record his own meter readings from now on.      

Intelligent features offer accuracy and could reduce the number of human errors and their disheartened victims.  If more utilities could provide smart meters, that track energy usage and excessive readings, customers could take advantage of accurate information on energy consumption.  According to Statista, in 2016, 47% of all meters were smart meters and in the U.S. 10% of all households were actively managing their energy usage. 

Are smart meters the answer to the problem?  If so, how can we increase access to digital energy platforms and get more residental customers involved?  Manitoba Utility has offered Jarrod Chamberlin an interest-free loan to help him pay the $1420.06 bill for January.  What would you do to resolve the issue and prevent future incidents like this one?


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