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Core Aggregation Transportation (CAT) Overview

·         Core Aggregation Transportation (CAT) program provides all core customers (all residential, regardless of load size, commercial customers with annual loads below 250,000 therms) using 250,000 therms or less per year, residential customers, and natural gas vehicle customers the option to purchase gas from third-party gas suppliers known as Core Transport Agents (CTAs), or aggregators.

·         Purpose: The purpose of CAT program is to enroll the customer that already has a relationship with the utility (Gas) company and want to create a relationship with CTA. So, there is 3-way relationship – Customer to CTA (with their own contracts), customers with the utility (Gas) company and the utility (Gas) company with CTA.

·         The second purpose is to help the CTA(s) manage their load. CTA must purchase the gas for all of its customers and use the Envoy system to transport the gas from their system to the utility (Gas) company’s system. The CTA(s) go outside California, purchase the gas, transfer the gas and have a requirement to deliver the gas to the customers.

·         Besides managing the relationship between the customers and the CTA(s), the other purpose is to help the CTA(s) understand how much usage the customers are getting/usage and set the limit how much they need to transport. So, overall the purpose are – a) managing customers, b) managing CTA(s).

·         CAT does the enrollment to sign the customers up for CTA, the termination to end the customer relationship with CTA, and do other things like void and reinstate, providing the customers the time when they can switch between 2 CTA(s).


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