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2017 Xcel Energy Open Standards Process For Utilities -Protecting Critical Utility Assets Requires Continuous Orchestration Of Key Utility Value Chains (NERC-CIP Electric Viewpoint) - V8 Work Product

Operating and protecting key information and data source for critical energy infrastructure is imperative for reliability and consumer confidence. In today’s highly connected environment with an increasingly sophisticated physical and cyber-threats, it is unrealistic to assume energy delivery systems are isolated or immune from compromise. Physical and cybersecurity (includes information and data) for the power grid must be carefully orchestrated to not interfere with energy delivery functions, especially the Bulk Electric System (BES). A key capability that assists with area large domain is the NERC-CIP (North America Energy Reliability Company – Critical Infrastructure Protection) framework. The placemat below strives to visualize on a page salient aspects that must be clearly understood by key decision-makers, industrial control, business managers, legal experts, compliance managers, information technology executives and the like when considering how information and data will be shared. Based on our industry collaboration we have decided to share this body of work at this time. Please do not hesitate to send us your thoughts and feedback as they are valued. Thank you in advance.


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