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2017-18 Xcel Energy Open Standards Process For Utilities - Orchestrating Weather Intelligence (Grid Modernization Viewpoint)

As gas and electric utilities work to transform their roles in all phases of their operational and corporate value chains; they should carefully analyze disruptive situational intelligence capabilities continuously.  To become utilities of the future they need to do more than optimize their operations; they need to reinvent their capabilities leveraging available innovation where reasonably possible throughout all essential value chains.  In addition, utilities must meet increasing demand for reliable power distribution while coping with customer self-reliance and regulatory intolerance for disruptions and outages.  More than ever utilities are being asked to do more with less while recognizing the need to improve their operations.  This is where situational intelligence solutions should be evaluated and strategically introduced and orchestrated for business advantage, environmental responsibility and asset sustainability.


Phil, are you familiar with the IEC CIM (Common Information Model). Working with EPRI and others we have extended the CIM to include environmental information including weather but also earthquake, flood, fire, etc.. This includes forecasts, observations, alerts, events and phenomena.

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