What skillsets do utilities / others getting into IoT need to be hiring / developing?

Are these skills that can be trained with for reliability and maintenance personnel?

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January 5, 2018

Depends on the aptitude and quality of your team.  Also the utility Budget.  reality is return on investment will always be the driver.  human assets can be brought up to speed on IoT by interacting/training with Tech Iot Teams.

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Marc Granet


IDC Executive Search. EnergyOnly


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January 24, 2018

The answer depends on what type of "getting into IoT" is being considered. If the plan is to design new wireless systems, Electrical and Computer Engineering education is needed. If the plan is to install IoT networks and equipment, training would likely be sufficient. The training would likely be available from the equipment manufacturers. In either case, a growing conern is cybersecurity. Here a basic understanding of "cyber hygiene" is needed. For example, I've read that IoT devices can easily be corrupted if the installer/user fails to update the default password. Does this answer help you? Mike

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