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The Darwinian Nature of Candidates Seeking Remote Work...

This article discusses interpreting a candidate's readiness for a remote-work opportunity based on the way they talk about the benefits of it, and provides a technique for gleaning the best response:

"That's why I think a great interview technique is to float some questions about why someone would want to work remote, then shut the hell up.  Just let them talk and work through it."

This technique applies to so much more than just evaluating remote-work readiness; I've used it for at least a decade on key interview questions where I need the employee to get past their canned and pre-prepped answers to see what they really think. It's amazing what you can learn by letting them chat longer to avoid that uncomfortable silence. Additionally, if the candidate is really content to sit in silence, simply following up with "Tell me more." will help you gain deeper insight to their thoughts, approach and motivation.

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