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Intelligent insights & conversations with global power industry professionals

This special interest group is a collective of human resources and talent folks in the power industry networking, sharing and learning from each another. 

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Dana — 34 posts

CEO/Founder Lighthouse Consulting Services, LLC

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Kathleen — 15 posts

CEO TalenTrust

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Mike — 9 posts

Director Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Pat — 8 posts

Senior Energy Communications Strategist NATURAL RESOURCES DEFENSE COUNCIL

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Austin — 7 posts

Innovation Specialist University Engineering & Energy Departments

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John — 6 posts

President Egan Energy Communications

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Joshua joined 5 days ago

Senior Consultant - Advanced Distribution Management Systems The Mosaic Company

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Pete joined 6 days ago

VP of Commercial Funding Blue Bell International

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Advanced Energy Economy joined 1 week ago

AEE AEE Blog Posts

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James joined 1 week ago

CEO Energy Procurement Services

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Yugo joined 1 week ago

CIO Hidroelectrica

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Jake joined 2 weeks ago

Energy Recruiter Aerotek

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Does Your Utility Really Need to Check References of Job Candidates?

HR and Recruitment Group -
Checking job candidate references is a necessary evil, and there are steps you can take to make sure the information you gather is at least somewhat useful in your decision-making process.
VA jobs 2019-730

With Jobs Topping 100,000, Advanced Energy in Virginia Shows Growth and Untapped Potential

HR and Recruitment Group -
Last month, elected leaders in the Old Dominion crowed as CNBC crowned Virginia “The Best State for Business” in the United States. Here is what you might not know. Not only is Virginia a good place for business in general, it is a good place...

Be Prepared to Sift Through Resumes When Your Utility is Hiring

HR and Recruitment Group -
If you're looking to hire someone, you'll likely get a deluge of resumes for every job posting. There are a couple steps your utility can take to make things somewhat more manageable.

How Understanding the Progression of Expertise Can Improve Your Training Program

HR and Recruitment Group -
One of the common challenges of building a strong training program is how to move adult learners efficiently from novice to expert. The first step in this process is understanding the stages to best identify how learners may progress from stage..

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