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The Grid Network on Energy Central's Power Industry Network is the place grid and transmission professionals come to share ideas and connect. This network includes the Grid & Transmission groups.

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Why Does New England Make It So Complicated?

Grid Professionals Group -
New England’s energy portfolio is changing quickly. For a combination of market and environmental reasons, the state has cut back on old, fossil heavy energy sources in favor of trendier alternatives. Just 20 years ago, oil made 19% of the north..
Alan Ross, of the Smart Grid Reliability Alliance, continues his discussion with Martin Robinson, CEO of IRISS. Ross and Robinson discuss condition-based monitoring and IR in relation to utilities, the concept of treating electric power assets as..
Alan Ross, of the Smart Grid Reliability Alliance, speaks to Martin Robinson, CEO of IRISS, about innovation and safety in the electric power market. Ross and Robinson discuss how EMSDs can save lives and how the Japanese concept of..

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