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The Grid Network on Energy Central's Power Industry Network is the place grid and transmission professionals come to share ideas and connect. This network includes the Grid & Transmission groups.

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Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) - Utility Response

Grid Professionals Group -
As DERs supply a greater and greater portion of the total energy used, the utilities are going to have to respond to a situation where they will be losing market share but yet expected to continue to provide 100% electricity supply security.

What DERMS Technology means for a Utility

Grid Professionals Group -
Across the globe, the energy industry is witnessing increased penetration of distributed generation resources, such as solar PV, energy storage, and microgrids— which are small-scale versions of centralized electric grid.

Off the Grid Solar in Africa

Grid Professionals Group -
According to the World Bank, Africa’s GDP in 2019 is expected to 3.4%. In some countries, however, it will be much higher. Ethiopia, for example, has a red hot economy right now and I recently read that the Ivory Coast’s GDP should eclipse 6%..

Distributed Energy Resources (DER) are rapidly deploying in utility distribution grids

Grid Professionals Group -
As utilities confront new DER interconnection and grid management issues, it is equally important to actively consider the Cyber Security challenges created by utility-owned and third party DER assets.

Artificial Intelligence and other transformational technologies, a must in the ever-growing DERs context

Grid Professionals Group -
Expectations of how DERs will evolve in the coming years are multiple. It’s not required to be psychic to envisage that AI and DER will be the Transformational technologies that will soon be making the new grid model.

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