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I would like to know if anyone has installed PQ meter within the microgrid and did the same comparison, as noted below, for microgrid transient response...

I have been doing a lot of simulations for microgrid system protection and control and seamless islanding and grid re-synchronization and trying to compare these simulations to the actual measurements from the live microgrid. I am using some Relaying recorded data, synchophasor data and some PQ meter data (1024 samples per cycle). I would like to know if anyone has installed PQ meter within the microgrid, and did the same comparison for microgrid transient response for voltage, frequency, and rate of change of frequency and did simulation match the field response? We are now installing a PQ meter that can measure 1,000,000 points per cycle (it’s actually a relay) to really see what happens during the transition to island and grid re-synchronization, since this is probably the most challenging part of the microgrid design from the standpoint of 27/57/81/81RF torque-controlled protective elements. One thing I learned is that after 6,500 transitions to island and back to the grid in less than two years of testing, there is a whole lot more that we don’t know and even a whole lot more to learn...


I am not aware of anyone who has matched measured data for Microgrid transient response with simulation results. Simulation models are often based on many assumptions due to the lack of good model data from the energy resource suppliers. So I suspect the comparison would not be so great

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