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The Grid Professionals Group covers electric current from its transmission step down to each customer's home. 

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Matt Chester's picture

Matt — 42 posts

Energy Analyst, Chester Energy and Policy

Tripp Tucker's picture

Tripp — 28 posts

Energy Efficiency Evangelist / Purveyor Of Wonderful Energy Resources, 3DFS Software-Defined Electricity

Pat Remick's picture

Pat — 23 posts

Senior Energy Communications Strategist, NATURAL RESOURCES DEFENSE COUNCIL

Audra Drazga's picture

Audra — 11 posts

Vice President of The Power Industry Network, Energy Central

James (Jim) Schetter's picture

James (Jim) — 10 posts

Principal, Renewable Impacts LLC

Wayne Pales's picture

Wayne — 8 posts

Freelancer & Author. Helping Utility professionals succeed with smart metering and demand response, The Chapel Group

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Alia Iqbal's picture

Alia joined 2 days ago

Electrical Engineer, Sharjah Electricity and Water authority

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Mary joined 4 days ago


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Lauri joined 6 days ago

Business Lead, AI & IoT, Futurice

Jacquie  Ashmore's picture

Jacquie joined 6 days ago

Executive Director, Boston University Institute for Sustainable Energy

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Charles joined 6 days ago

Senior Application Engineer, IMCORP

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Julian joined 1 week ago

Principal Energy Advisor, Enel X

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National Grid Issues Energy Storage RFP to Help Support the Grid

Grid Professionals Group -
As part of its solicitation to comply with New York State regulatory orders, National Grid wants bids for new, front-of-the-meter distribution system connected energy storage resources, as well as power marketer services.

Managed Charging and the AEE World Energy Conference Wrap-Up

Grid Professionals Group -
Managed charging is growing in importance as more EVs are plugging into the grid. Utility pilot programs may be in their infancy but knowledge gained early on will allow for drivers and utilities to find some balance and in EVs becoming a grid asset.

India Overhauls Streetlights

Grid Professionals Group -
Winning the war against climate change, or rather just mitigating its effects, is a daunting challenge. The cards, which we dealt ourselves to begin with, seem stacked against humanity: There’s already a whole lot of greenhouse gases in the..

To Keep the Lights on During Blackouts, Austin Explores Microgrids

Grid Professionals Group -
In June, DOE offered Austin Energy part of a $5 million grant for a more complex challenge. It is to create “flexible energy pathways” from the solar arrays on the homes. It is to create “flexible energy pathways” from the solar arrays on the..

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