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The Generation Network covers the breadth of power generation for utilities - from nuclear, coal, and natural gas to solar, wind, and wave and more. 

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Hurricane Class Turbines – The US Will Need Them

Areas of the United States' coastal seaboard are prone to hurricanes. These are also good places to site wind arrays because of their high wind speeds. Here we examine the requirements for these turbines.
Adam Minkley's picture
Director - Wind and Solar Power
FCBI Energy Ltd.

Member since 2018

Director - Wind and Solar Power, FCBI Energy Ltd.

Yale study finds it's renewables that are the "bridge fuel" - to a fossil-powered future

In the long run, renewables are a waste of precious time and resources for fighting climate change - and with changes to climate predicted to last at least 100,000 years, we're in it for the long run.
Bob Meinetz's picture
Nuclear Power Policy Activist

Member since 2018

Nuclear Power Policy Activist, Independent

Vieques Takes Center Stage in Puerto Rico’s Energy Future

NRDC partnered once again with Resilient Power Puerto Rico to install another solar power grid in Puerto Rico. This time the installation was in the island of Vieques, which was hit especially hard by Hurricane Maria...
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Director, Southeast Energy, Climate & Clean Energy Program

Member since 2018

Director, Southeast Energy, Climate & Clean Energy Program, NATURAL RESOURCES DEFENSE COUNCIL

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Paperwork filed for 119 proposed turbine sites #IL

A proposed wind turbine project is moving forward after Apex Clean Energy filed with the Federal Aviation Administration 119 possible locations for turbines in Morgan County. Apex Clean Energy spokeswoman Helen Humphreys said...