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Why the FERC Was Right to Override New York’s Decision to Block the Millennium Pipeline

If there is one thing that you can bet on it is the liberals’ propensity to block anything that is good for the country all for the sake to keep more people hooked and connected to the system – they do not want Americans to be independent, certainly not minorities. Why do you think they keep inner city schools in a state of ineptitude?

Why do you think they do nothing about American students in inner city schools graduating from high school but only being able to read at an 8th grade level?

Moreover, a recent example of this phenomenon was New York’s decision to deny an important permit for the Millennium Pipeline, a natural gas project that is integral for our energy needs.

Thankfully, better sense prevailed and the decision was overridden by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

The Denial of Permission

The Millennium Pipeline is a 7.8 mile long pipeline that is set to fuel a $900 million energy plant being constructed in the state. Recently, the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) denied a water permit to Millennium, which is essential for building and expanding the natural gas pipeline.

It was an atrocious decision by the DEC and the reasons cited for the denial of permission were equal parts sad and ridiculous. The DEC stated that the FERC had not seriously considered the long term effects of the power plant on the environment and the region’s water quality and promptly denied the water permit for the pipeline.

New York’s History of Denial

New York, like any liberal state, is against fracking. Just like any liberal haven, it is also home to a number of environmental activists, who yield an enormous influence over decision making bodies like the DEC and then wonder why their state’s middle class has been decimated.

They do not care since these environmentalists are either highly ignorant or rich and white who are out of touch and do not care about their state’s economic health. New York is an economic basket case. 

Also, this is not the first time New York has blocked federally approved natural gas pipeline projects. In recent times, the state has blocked the Constitution Pipeline (a $683 million project) and the Northern Access Pipeline (a $455 million project), both of which could be enormously beneficial to the state and the country as a whole.

By blocking federally approved projects for the flimsiest of reasons, New York and its gang of deluded liberals – headed by the arrogant Andrew Cuomo – are telling us two things. Firstly, they do not care for rules and federal approval means very little to them. Secondly, they will choose virtue signaling activism over the nation’s progress any day.

The Override

To the utter shock of Andrew Cuomo and his liberal minions who are fake Americans (anti God, baby killers, big government, socialize health care, weak military, keep the poor hooked on food stamps, and so on), the FERC overrode the DEC’s decision and approved the pipeline project, much to the relief of oil and gas companies in the country, the middle class, people who want jobs and opportunities, and much to the chagrin of Middle East countries.

Governor Cuomo and the DEC authorities were understandably not happy with the decision and stated that the reversal undermines the state’s authority. They seem to be, however, unaware of the fact that the FERC was well within its rights to reverse the decision. In fact, a recent ruling by the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia stated that the FERC is authorized to overrule a state’s DEC if they take more than one year to grant permits for new projects.

In case of Millennium Pipeline, the application was filed in 2015. And the NY DEC authorities, being the hard workers they are, sat on it for nearly two years and denied the certificate only last month. They were busy reading fake news on CNN and Facebook and watching porn.

So, the FERC was completely right in overruling the decision and allowing the construction of the natural gas pipeline. Liberals do not care though, they live in Harry Potter land and have been hurting this country for decades and decades.


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