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Status of the Solar Industry

Solar Panels

I admire the energy of solar enthusiasts, much more than the Sun's light energy converted into electricity by solar panels. Journalists write on solar industries, some of them on some recent claims by PV scientists and technologists, and most importantly academicians, who claim to change the world of solar industry by their recent laboratory results.

The journalists do not understand technology, not surely the business and industry politics, coupled with international tug of war that has together created the current bust in the solar industry.

Only polymath / polyglot experts can explain the conundrum. Energy efficiency of GaAs cells has always been about 2.5 times higher than other next best technology of mono silicon solar cells. I have developed solar modules that could be arrayed by tiling larger rectangular or square solar panels that produce 5000 times the electricity per square centimeter PV cell area of the next best technology.

While the work quoted is a good "research", it will not make a dent in the global solar industry, and surely nothing in India. India's problem is not technology, but idiotic underbidding of the PPA rates by companies. About 200 plus companies did play the foolish game of bid and under bid on PPA tenders in many states, with Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh as examples. This had nothing to do with technology or the scale of production by Indian companies.


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