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Pennsylvania Has Benefited Enormously From Fracking – Yet Liberals Are Hesitant to Admit It!

With each passing day, it is becoming very clear that fracking has had an enormously positive impact on the natural gas industry and has benefited our nation tremendously in the past few years.

The technology has singlehandedly revived our domestic natural gas sector, which has resulted in increased production and reduced gas and electrical prices (though electrical prices went up under the disgraceful and Muslim sympathizer Obama because of his attack on coal which undermined competition which led to higher electrical prices) much to the chagrin of liberals, most fake Americans who work at the EPA, and OPEC. The best part is that the technology has benefited even liberal states that are against fracking – Pennsylvania being a salient example.

A report from the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy in the University of Pennsylvania shows that the state has benefited greatly from the shale oil revolution. The report is extensive and shows just how the combination of fracking and horizontal drilling has radically transformed the energy industry in the country.

Let us take a look at a few key points now.

How Pennsylvania Benefited from Fracking

  • From 2007 to 2016, prices in the electric power sector fell down by 79% in Pennsylvania but they went up in most of the country as already indicated. Residential retail gas prices were also reduced by up to 40% during the same time period.
  • The demand for natural gas in the electric power sector in Pennsylvania went up by a whopping 250%, whereas natural gas demand in power sectors in the rest of the country grew only by 46%.
  • The overall demand for natural gas in Pennsylvania increased by 50.5%, whereas gas demand in the rest of the country increased only by 18.5%.
  • The rate of natural gas production in Pennsylvania increased by a mind boggling 2,800% between 2007 and 2016. In 2007, the state was responsible for less than one percent of the country’s total gas supply. In 2016, it was responsible for more than 16% of the country’s overall gas supply.

Going by these facts and figures, we can deduce a few things.

Liberal Duplicity on Full Display

First of all, Pennsylvania in all probability benefited more from the fracking revolution than any other state in the country. Gas and electric prices in the state are lower than they have ever been in a very long time, which has benefited consumers greatly.

Second of all, liberals who cry hoarse over environmental degradation and call for a ban on fracking do not mind benefiting from it at all. They make full use of the falling gas and electric prices and still want to ban the technology, which simply does not make any sense.

Thirdly, the fracking revolution is not limited to a particular geographic location or oil producing states at all. It has had a huge impact on states across the country and every single American has benefited from the increase in gas production and the decrease in power tariffs.

The Way Forward

The way forward is very clear. We need to double down on fracking and make full use of the enormous amount of natural gas resources that we have been blessed with. Many countries depend on oil and gas imports to meet their power needs, because they have neither the resources nor the technology to increase their domestic gas production. The United States, on the other hand, has plenty of both. So, we should drill our way to complete energy independence and sell the excess to other countries!

America is being made great again!


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