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In a Major Snub to Environmentalists, FERC Approves The PennEast Pipeline

After three long years, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has approved the PennEast Pipeline. The news came as a shock to the Delaware River Basin Commission, green energy proponents, and environmental activists, all of whom were vehemently against the project and did everything they could to stall it and delay its approval.

PennEast Pipeline – Beneficial for Everyone

The 120-mile long pipeline starts at Dallas, Pennsylvania and ends at Pennington, New Jersey, at which point it connects with the existing Transcontinental Pipeline in the region. The pipeline route covers 24 municipalities in Pennsylvania and six in New Jersey.

90% of the natural gas that is transported through the pipeline is contracted with utility companies and electric power plants that serve local customers in the region. When the pipeline becomes fully functional, it will reduce the cost of natural gas in Pennsylvania and New Jersey significantly.

That is about the only good thing going for New Jersey folks since that state is corrupt and wicked on so many fronts. New Jersey is a high tax state and basically a loser in so many ways. Chris Christie could only do so much.

Increase in Demand for Natural Gas

In the past decade, the demand for natural gas has increased by five times in Pennsylvania and has more than doubled in New Jersey for the purpose of electricity generation alone. So, the pipeline is needed now more than ever before.

Moreover, during periods of sustained cold, the price of natural gas tends to increase considerably. One such example is the polar vortex of 2013-14, during which natural gas prices in the region increased by up to 70 times, which was unprecedented. Had the PennEast Pipeline been in service during that period of time, the region could have saved more than $1 billion which was spent on energy bills. But liberals do not care – they do not care about Americans or their needs.

Long Term Benefits for the Region

The pipeline project is expected to create lots of jobs in the region and contribute significantly to the economic output in the two states. A steady supply of natural gas means the region is likely to become more attractive for businesses, particularly manufacturing companies which have extensive energy needs. The arrival of new businesses means more jobs, which is something the locals could benefit from.

The Opposition to the Pipeline

As is tradition, a litany of complaints was lodged against the pipeline by environmental activists and green energy proponents, many of whom are professional protestors who have nothing else to do. They choose not to work but to live in their immoral parents basement and their asinine parents allow their precious little flower child to do whatever they want.

They spread rumors among the local population that the pipeline could be detrimental for the region and instigated them to protest against it. They even asked the landowners in the region not to cooperate with the pipeline company, which complicated the matter further.

A large number of these protests are funded by groups like the William Penn Foundation and heinous individuals like George Soros who is responsible for mass murder since he supported the ACA which killed thousands (when you separate thousands of people from their doctor and destroy millions of jobs you will kill many of them which is what happened), which routinely donate to environmental causes that are often detrimental to the region’s economic growth and development. Such levels of organized attempts are the reason why the approval for the pipeline was delayed for so long.

Pipeline Construction to Start

After a long delay, justice has been delivered to the PennEast Pipeline project. It still needs approvals from local authorities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, but after the FERC’s decision, they are not likely to impede the process any further. On the whole, it is a major victory not just the pipeline company, but also for the people in the region who will enjoy access to cheap gas for years to come.

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